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The Importance of Building a Strong Brand Image

Today we live in a culture that is rich in knowledge yet deprived of time. Because of this, it is often the visual identity of a brand that catches the eyes of consumers. In many cases, people tend to form their opinions and perceptions about a brand before they even know who it is and what its about. 

Metric CEO John McDonald Sleeps Out To Benefit Change For The Better

Metric CEO John McDonald will join one hundred and fifty high-profile Winnipeggers in the annual CEO Sleepout Thursday, September 18th. The annual event aims to engage the corporate community to rally about housing & employment issues for Winnipeg's homeless. It also raises funds to provide opportunities for the 3,000 - 15,000 people in our city without a place to call home.

#SocialMedia - Daily Checklist

Distraction is the nature of social media. Geting lost in the endless stream of information happens to the best of us. You login with the best intentions to update your company's daily piece of content (as stated in your marketing strategy) and get out, but somehow... an hour has passed and you're climbing out of a rabbit hole of articles, filted photos, and viral videos... And you haven’t updated your status!

Enter your businesses’ social realm with this to-do list handy to ensure you achieve your daily social marketing objective fast & efficiently.


1 - Respond To Messages

Once upon a time, if a potential customer left a message for your company, you’d come back to a flashing red light on the phone at your desk. With so many social platforms, and within those [...] Read more

The Mecca of Marketing - Metric @ MozCon 2014


Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Mozcon 2014, a marketing conference held each year by MOZ.

With 29 speakers, MozCon was three days jam packed with inspiration. It was an awesome show this year with a ton of actionable takeaways for our team here at Metric.

Just for kicks, Team Metric Unites for FIFA 2014

The Metric team has really gotten into the World Cup spirit. We've got the games streaming in the production area & our office pool has gotten pretty competitive.