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Turning 'Likes' into Passengers

Social media is an essential part of a marketing strategy in today’s competitive digital marketplace. Companies are now investing more of their time and budget into social media platforms, as customers are turning here first to find information before visiting the company website.

So was the concept or social payments, the ability to complete purchases directly from Facebook or Twitter, that far behind?

Dutch airline, KLM, announced earlier this year their innovative move to offer customers social payments as a way to book a flight, select a seat, and add luggage to their reservation though Facebook and Twitter. Up until this point, social payments were a foreign concept, even to industry insiders. Social payments had never been implemented before and the move can still be [...] Read more

ClickZLive NY - Days 2 + 3 - Time is Flying and so are the Tips!

Our Senior Online Marketing Consultant Cheryl shares the lastest online maketing lessons from ClickZLive New York, a Global conference series designed by digital marketers for digital marketers.

Her favourite takeaways from days 2 + 3:

Adwords + umbrellas (or shovels in Winnipeg):

Advertisers can use Adwords scripts to adjust bids based on the weather! In practice, if you sell shovels in Winnipeg, whenever it snowed, the bids on your ads would increase making your company more visible to more searchers at the right time.

‘Buzzwords’ are flying around here:

Attribution modeling:

Using a set of rules to determine how you want to assign credit for sales or goal conversion.  Google Analytics by default attributes credit to the last click. However, [...] Read more

Interning at Metric - A Time of Firsts

My internship experience here at Metric Marketing has been full of firsts. Having never been to Winnipeg previously and used to living in Ajax, Ontario; I was convinced to try it out by a close friend already living here. After doing the rounds of applying to various agencies here to complete my necessary work placement, I secured an internship with Metric Marketing and booked my plane ticket out of Toronto.

Getting to know both the city of Winnipeg and working in an agency for the first time has been a fun experience. Visiting attractions on the weekend like The Forks, Polo Park, Osborne Village, etc. and taking in the sights of working in a downtown core for the first time, has truly been a unique experience.

Many thought I was crazy to leave the “big city” of [...] Read more

Clickz Live Workshops… The learning is happening


Although not a shopping/pub crawl in Soho, still a very enjoyable day! Here are the blaringly obvious things I will be on the soapbox for…

Retargeting for brand awareness, conversion and upselling!
Attribution modelling. The last click didn’t do it alone. Don’t make uneducated decisions with your valuable marketing dollars.

Here are just a couple sound bytes…

  • Segment, EVERYONE
  • Consider the lifetime value of your visitors and upsell.
  • Make sure all reporting in Google Analytics has dollar values in it.
  • Measure macro and micro conversions. Buying cycles are not linear.
  • Track all exit events. So a visitor doesn’t fill out your two question form on the way out, you’re no better off.
  • Retargeting doesn’t stop at the sale, the message just [...] Read more

Clickz Live New York Bound! Oh the learning that will happen…

 Like many other SEMs descending on New York this week for the ClickZ Live Search Conference, I am anticipating walking away with an arsenal of fresh ideas and new tactics I can dazzle my clients and team with. Look out ROI, I’m coming after you!

So, here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Old Friends Teaching New Tactics

It’s been 11 years since I attended my first SES NY conference. It would be hard not to meet a few new friends along the way. I was lucky enough to cross paths with @LaurenV a good few years back. This time around she will be leading the ‘retargeting’ workshop on Monday morning. Canne wait!

Brain Picking

I have a few challenges in mind I’m eager to hear other search professionals take on. My sidekick Meghan will often hear me [...] Read more