10 Opportunities to Promote Your E-Commerce Website

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After your E-Commerce website is built, you might have thought of promoting it on the usual channels such as web, newspaper, magazine, TV, and radio but here’s a list of 10 places and ways you can promote your website that you might not have thought of:

  1. “Closed” Sign – Put your website address on or near your closed sign so that people who walk by or visit after hours know that you have a website where they can make purchases while you’re closed. “Open 9 to 5 PM, Open 24 Hours at www.youraddress.com
  2. Sales Receipts & Invoices – Even customers who buy from you frequently may not know your website address. A sales receipt is a good place to tell or remind them. Place it prominently across the top of every receipt or invoice.
  3. In-Store Signage – You don’t need a flashing neon sign but a professionally made vinyl banner with your website address on it will work just fine. Try using the attention-getting phrase “Now Open 24 Hours” and then your website address immediately below.
  4. Point of Sale – A small placard with some information about what people will find on your website may catch the attention of someone just waiting in line or at the checkout waiting to pay. POS is also an opportunity to solicit emails from your existing customers to let them know about promotions and sales.
  5. Automated Call Managers – “Thank you for calling ABC Company. Now you can shop online 24 hours a day at www.abcco.com. For store hours and directions, press 1.” Helpful Tip: If you’re using a 1-800 number on the website, make sure that the number is used only on the website so you can track how many calls you receive.
  6. Uniforms or Apparel – If your website address is short (2 syllables, 7 to 10 characters or less), punchy, and easy to remember, placing the address on a uniform shirt or hat is great exposure for your website.
  7. Freebies – Anything printed that goes to your customer should have your e-commerce site address on it. Booksellers for example could place the address on bookmarks given away to customers with each book.
  8. Staff at Point of Sale – Have your staff mention to every customer that buys something (or even those that don’t) that you have a website and the address is www…
  9. Written Correspondence – Letterhead, business cards, envelopes fax cover sheets, and more should have the website address prominently displayed.
  10. Company Vehicles – Fleet vehicles such as delivery trucks and installation vans should all have the website address displayed on each side and the rear of the vehicle. Every vehicle that passes these rolling billboards or sits behind it at a red light can be considered a free impression.

Having an E-commerce site built is a considerable investment. Use these tips to take advantage of every opportunity to promote it and you’ll be on the fast track to getting more return from your E-Commerce Site.

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