3 Things You May Not Know About Google's New Enhanced Campaigns

There is a ton of chat out there regarding Google's new Enhanced Campaigns, some good:

some not so good...

As much as I loooove a good debate, I thought I would just stick to sharing a few nuggets that may not be in the spotlight.

Flash Crash 

Because device targeting in the new enhanced campaigns lumps tablets in with desktops, and because iPads are by far the tablet of choice, Flash should absolutely no longer be used in any important areas of your landing pages.  If you were on the 'No Flash' bandwagon to begin with, well done you are ahead of the game, if not, you still have until June before the mandatory upgrade to change your pages.

Compulsatory Mobile Targeting - not so much

If you are not ready to target mobile users, for example you don't have a responsive website or a mobile version, all is not lost...  yet. You can set your bid multiplier to -100% to opt out.  Mobile Marketing is an excellent way to engage with prospects but it can also be a budget burner if you are sending visitors to a landing page that has not been optimized for smart phones specifically.

Rumor Has It

You may lose some historical data with the upgrade. Specifically, with sitelinks & call extensions. I'm classing this as a rumor simply because I haven't seen it in my own accounts. However I did read this on the Interweb.  I also read though that there will be a woman competing in NASCAR's Daytona 500 this weekend! Who knows....

Feel free to share any hidden gems you've discoverd in your new Google Adwords enhanced campaigns, betcha it's a wee gold mine.

ps.. complusatory is a word

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