5 Great New Year's Resolutions for Your E-Commerce Site: Things to include in your monthly website improvement routine

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When 2008 arrives, you might set a couple of New Year’s Resolutions for yourself; but what about your company’s e-commerce website?  Since you’re on an improvement path, why not commit to making some changes on your e-commerce site as well?  Here is a quick list of areas you might consider improving, exploring, or adding in 2008 to your e-commerce site:

1. Improve Product Images and Photos

As much as we hate to admit it, looks matter a great deal when it comes to business on the web.  Poor quality photos and images can be distracting, annoying, or irritating to visitors and can easily kill a sale.  Ensure your product images are up to date.  If your product images are getting out-dated contact your supplier. Generally they are willing to supply you with images and often descriptions too, since it is in their best interest for you to make a great impression with their products.

2. Add a Sign-Up For Newsletter Feature

A Newsletter is an excellent way to stay in touch with a potential customer.  Many studies show that sales are typically made on or after the 5th contact with your customer and if you have a monthly or quarterly newsletter, you have a good chance of nabbing that sale long after your customer has left your website. The key is to build up a significant email list.

3. Improve and Optimize Product Descriptions Often

Do you optimize your product descriptions with keywords related to your product?  Changing content is the lifeblood of your website. Search Engines devour fresh content and ignore sites that don’t update. Ensure your product descriptions are up to date and added-to regularly. Not sure where to get good product descriptions? Often your suppliers will be willing to send you descriptions as it is in their interest to help retailers that are selling online.

4. Synchronize Online Inventory with Point of Sale

Getting your online store to work in harmony with your physical location can be a technical challenge but the internal efficiencies created certainly out- weigh the costs.   A synchronized inventory system will eliminate the need to juggle two inventories; one for your e-store and one for your physical location.  Often the solution does depend on your point of sale software so after consultation we can advise you on your inventory synchronization opportunities.

5. Optimize Site for Search Engines

No matter what your site is about, search engines will be your primary source of visitors.  With up to 50% of visitors arriving at your website from search engines, it makes sense to ensure that what people search for on search engines is exactly what they find on your site when they get there.  To achieve this level of basic findability, your website needs things like incoming links from quality websites, good page content, easy navigation, properly formatted web pages, and more.  If you are interested ask us about our “Basic Findability Package”. Think of it as a tune-up for your website to be more findable online, much like you would tune-up your vehicle every few years.  We ensure your site is doing everything right to allow search engines to index your website in order to increase the chances of new customers finding your site.

Build E-Commerce into Your Monthly Process

E-Commerce website owners expect their websites to deliver results for their bottom line. But without dedicating some effort to continuously improving, changing, and maintaining your E-Commerce website, your site may not be living up to its potential.  Make a decision this year to build E-Commerce development activities into your monthly routine.  Perhaps concentrate on improving a few key product descriptions and images one month, the next month start your newsletter sign up process and so on.  After a while, you’ll see some positive changes in your visitor traffic and even your bottom line.
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