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Cheryl does her best to read the minds of all online searchers day in and day out, ensuring each finds the product or service they need or in some cases don’t even know they need! An advocate of ‘thoughtless conversions’, she is passionately committed to providing searchers with effortless paths to their desired goals through paid and non-paid search marketing methods. ROI is her main motivator in the ever-changing, data driven world of online marketing.

She also has bragging rights as the longest standing Metric Marketing social committee member and not just because she had to fire the only other member for incompetency.

Clickz Live Workshops… The learning is happening


Although not a shopping/pub crawl in Soho, still a very enjoyable day! Here are the blaringly obvious things I will be on the soapbox for…

Retargeting for brand awareness, conversion and upselling!
Attribution modelling. The last click didn’t do it alone. Don’t make uneducated decisions with your valuable marketing dollars.

Here are just a couple sound bytes…

  • Segment, EVERYONE
  • Consider the lifetime value of your visitors and upsell.
  • Make sure all reporting in Google Analytics has dollar values in it.
  • Measure macro and micro conversions. Buying cycles are not linear.
  • Track all exit events. So a visitor doesn’t fill out your two question form on the way out, you’re no better off.
  • Retargeting doesn’t stop at the sale, the message just [...] Read more

Clickz Live New York Bound! Oh the learning that will happen…

Like many other SEMs descending on New York this week for the ClickZ Live Search Conference, I am anticipating walking away with an arsenal of fresh ideas and new tactics I can dazzle my clients and team with. Look out ROI, I’m coming after you!

So, here’s what I’m looking forward to...

Saluting Special Women in Search Marketing

International Women's Day. Cheryl Hill salutes some valuable women in search.

Highlights of Metric’s Google Engage Connect Event

Metric Marketing partnered with Google to bring the Engage Connect event to local business owners in Winnipeg. Here is a recap.

Authorship - Another Reason Why You Should

Use authorship to promote your personal brand in Google Alerts