Choosing The Right Web Design Company - Part III: Setting Goals for Your Website

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Welcome to part III of this 3-part series that deals with choosing the right web design company.  This article focuses on something that many Internet Marketing Firms miss; Goals.

Whenever we do anything, we seek to achieve a result of some kind.  If we send an email asking for help, the result we're looking for is a return email with the answer to our question.  Even something as simple as walking across a room has a fundamental goal of getting from point “a” to point “b”.  Even if we weren't aware of it, we went through a process of:

  1. Setting a goal – “This summer, I'd like to build a deck.”
  2. Determining what is needed to achieve that goal – “To do this, I need wood, tools, 2 friends, nails, wood stain, deck plans…”
  3. Engaging in the action required to achieve the goal – Actually building the deck.
  4. Constantly measuring results to determine if we are making progress towards that goal and know exactly when we have achieved it. – “Is the deck finished yet? No, the steps need to be attached and the wood needs to be stained.”

A corporate website is a business venture and requires a serious initial investment of time, financial, and human resources.  Setting goals and constant monitoring are critical to guide your success and often something that many internet marketing firms miss.  A responsible internet marketing firm understands that failure to set achievable goals for your website renders it virtually useless.

Goals need not be complicated either.  Some examples of goals for a website can be:

  • You want as many visitors are possible to download an informational document
  • Get visitors to request information from through a Request for Information form
  • Get visitors to sign up for your monthly or quarterly newsletter
  • Divert as many visitors as you can to a specific page on your website
  • Get visitors to initiate contact with your company through a toll free number
  • Get visitors to order products or a specific product

Industry Jargon: When a visitor completes a desired action on your website such as those on your goals list, this is called a conversion

These are just a few examples and depending on your website and topic of interest, goals and conversions could be much different.

The important part is that you determine your goals beforehand and then find an internet marketing company who can work with your company to realize those goals.  A skilled internet marketing company can take your goals and develop or suggest ways to implement them programmatically and graphically on the site.  They will also be able to track your progress and return on investment.  Essentially, you should be able to approach your internet marketing company and say “Here's what I want my web site to do for me” and they should be able to confidently say “No problem.  Here's how we can make that happen”

If you'd like to find out more about quality internet marketing or how to start planning your web site, contact us.  We'll be glad to answer your questions.

To your business success,

Michael Dela Cruz, Web Marketing Specialist
Canada’s Web Shop 

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