Five Tips to Creating Rich Website Content

Heads up! This post was written when Metric Marketing was known as Canada's Web Shop.
headshot featured image Five Tips to Creating Rich Website Content

If you read your site copy and find lots of self-focused verbiage (us, our, we) as opposed to more customer friendly language (you, your), then your content gives the appearance of not being written with your audience in mind. This is by far the single most common mistake in terms of website marketing copy. Be mindful of your audience.

Site content must speak to the site visitor, seamlessly joining the conversation they already have running in their mind. It puts them first. Your solutions to their problems are the natural out-flowing of what they came there in the first place to receive.

There is a focus on building useful resources and informative content. A common mistake is to throw up a page of items for sale with an about us page and a contact link for more product info—hoping the orders will roll in. I'm sure we've all seen such sites.

Let's say you're selling outdoor products. In order to gain the links you'll need to crack into the top search rankings, you should expect to design your site around detailed product info and provide content rich pages that cover the current outdoor products and overall camping scene. Anything less simply can't compete with the sites that are already scoring at the top of the search results.

The content is created for site visitors, not for the search engines. Obviously one major goal is to rank your pages high in the search engines. However, rarely will you succeed if you attempt to appeal to the engines without speaking the language of the very real people who visit your site.

One of the best ways to accomplish both is to create pages with a minimum of 500 words of content that appeals to your reader and can be indexed by search engines (i.e., text). You should write with your reader in mind first, then go back and mildly optimize your text for 1-2 keyword phrases on each webpage.

Don't forget that you can originally design a page to appeal to humans and build links first, then once you've attained those links go back later and make the page more keyword-dense and search engine focused. That way you can get the best of both worlds.

The content is written in such a way that it elicits an emotional response. Are you passionate about your web site? Does your site content communicate this to your audience? If not, you're missing out on a valuable tool to market your product or service.

Make sure your site content reflects how passionately you believe your product will solve their problem! ...and be sure to include a strong call-to-action such as buy now, contact us for more information, or ask us any question–operators are standing by! Leave no doubt in the mind of your audience what you expect them to do.

There is various content choices available to heighten the visitor site interaction. Always remember that every page of your site is potentially a unique entry and exit point for visitors to view your content. Thus, each page of your content-rich site should be varied and engaging to the reader. Using different forms of content throughout your site is an extremely effective way to encourage repeat visits and benefit from the word-of-month marketing of satisfied users.

To accomplish this, design pages containing FAQs, step-by-step product tutorials, video content, online tools, and directories of relevant offsite resources. Once you work all of these critical ingredients into the mix you will likely see your site referrals skyrocket. 

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