Holiday Spending Increases by 25% from 2005: Holiday Shoppers Are Moving to Online Shopping

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According to statistics published by, the web’s leading provider of online statistics, online spending reached $666.9 million on December 12, the highest-earning day of the 2006 holiday season. Data released by comScore Networks tracked money spent during key days in November and December. In fact, spending during the busiest shopping days of the Christmas season (Nov 1 to Dec 18) 2006 saw a 25% increase over the same period recorded in 2005.

Online spending is gaining traction as high speed internet connections become cheaper and more commonplace for every household. It’s extremely rare nowadays to find a household with school-aged children lacking at least 1 computer and 1 internet connection.

As much as some of us hate to admit it, the holiday season is coming up fast. With snow just around the corner, consumers are gearing up for the annual frenzy we know as Christmas Shopping. You can almost hear the mouse clicks as school-aged children start to research the latest toys at, adolescent teens hit the Abercrombie and Guess websites, wives hit the Circuit City and Best Buy.coms, for their husbands and husbands hit the Victoria Secret website for their wives…ok, and maybe a little for themselves too.

Is your company website ready for the Christmas stampede? Do you have an online ad campaign targeted towards a specific group of consumers? Teens? Wives? Grandparents? Students? Handymen? If not, you may be missing out on a whole slew of online traffic.

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