How to lay out the site map for your website

Heads up! This post was written when Metric Marketing was known as Canada's Web Shop.

I often ask clients if they have a site map in mind for their website.  Most of the time the answer is I know what I want to include but I do not know how to organize the information.  Our goal is always to create websites that look aesthetically appealing, are easy to update and most importantly are very easy to navigate.

When creating the site map architecture for your website you need to ask yourself what is the visitor most interested in?  The first question that generally comes to mind is what does this company do.  You may hear of a company and are referred to their website but really do not know what they specialize in until you visit their website.  We suggest you start with "What We Do", outline your specialties in a very simple and easy to understand matter.  If you have products or services that support your specialtlies outline these next as an easy transition from the "What We Do" section.

The next item that visitors like to see is proof that you have done this work before and have postive feedback from clients.  A portfolio of work with customer testimonials is a nice touch.  Finally outline the main members of the company that are accountable and operate the company.  Usually a "Meet Our Team" or "Meet Our Executive Team" is a good fit.  Proffessional photos with a profile of each Executive.   Finally, an opportunity to contact and find out where the company is located is the finishing touch.

Site maps can come in all shapes but always think if you were purchasing the company's product what would you want to know first, second and so on to ensure you feel comfortable to contact this company.  Follow these tips and you will increase your leads as you will be informing clients and offering a sense of trust and education to ensure your leads are optimally qualified.  Until next time, good luck with these tips.

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