Is The Internet Destined to be Opinion based Information?

Heads up! This post was written when Metric Marketing was known as Canada's Web Shop.

I had a professor in University that taught a class all about writing your opinion rather than regurgitating facts. Apparently he thought University students spent too much time buried in fact based text books and not enough time thinking for themselves. I won’t name the professor but his style of teaching would lend itself well to the online marketing industry as I’ve recently been wondering if Google is teaching the same lesson. With the algorithm updates taking effect recently, few people in the Online Marketing Industry are unaware of how important content is, but is opinion not the easily formed type of content?

Now that we have more and more people with an online marketing or a search engine marketing focus starting to emphasize content creation, it’s inevitable that easily created or efficiently created content is going to become more prevalent. I don’t believe the algorithm changes are advanced enough to separate a logically written fact based and properly referenced piece of literature from a link filled outpouring of someone’s thoughts.

I don’t write this piece of opinion as a negative message, but the online user is going to have to be more careful than ever before reiterating what they’ve read online. As we all still look to Google for answers, I question whether or not any mathematical algorithm is going to discern VALUE adding content from opinion. Decreasing spam in the form of link directories does not ensure more valuable content will actually be found by a searcher, just more opinions, (in my opinion of course.)

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