Move Over Jets! The 125th MCA Men's Curling Bonspiel is in Town

MCA Men's Bonspiel 1920 Granite Curling Club WinnipegBig weekend in Winnipeg! Home opener for our beloved Jets Saturday, and I don’t want to take anything away from them, but there’s a bigger show in town...

The 125th Annual MCA Men’s Bonspiel! (hear the crowd roar)

This event is the biggest bonspiel in the World with 448 teams participating in this it’s 125th year. Pretty impressive, even if it is 832 teams short of entrants compared to it’s centennial year which had 1280 teams! We do love our curling.

With 4 provincial births up for grabs, a host of well known teams competing, and the Chinese National Men’s Team participating, curling fans will be in their glory.

Speaking of in their glory.... our very own Kevin MacNeil will be presenting the 'Metric Marketing Trophy' to the winner of the last event of the bonspiel. Metric Marketing, formerly Canada’s Web Shop has been proudly sponsoring the event for the past 13 years - that will be impressive when it gets to 125.

Despite all the NHL hoopla and NFL playoffs, the MCA Bonspiel did get a wee article in the Free Press this past week if you're hungry for more.

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