Why Didn't I Get Any Response from This Ad?

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headshot featured image Let’s be honest: Deciding against using a particular advertising medium because one ad showed no immediate return is a little like deciding never to get married because one date goes bad.

Marketing is a collective, cumulative effort where several marketing elements are all working to support each other over time.  It’s not just a single ad campaign or advertising channel.  Expecting positive returns from every single element in a marketing campaign is neither realistic, nor possible. 

Marketing involves using all your carefully chosen marketing elements such as Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Television, and Web to orchestrate a marketing campaign based on your company’s unique goals then tracking those efforts over a period of time.

If a particular marketing channel isn’t performing, it would make more sense to re-evaluate its approach instead of eliminating it entirely; especially if a substantial amount of money and time has been put towards its development (TV Commercials, Radio Ads, Artwork for Print Ads, Website).  Above all, it should be analyzed carefully in context with all your other channels or you could be shutting down a hidden source of revenue.

For example: A consumer electronics company that sells high-ticket items both on and offline discovers that they are getting very few visitors to their website resulting in very few purchases.  Going only on visitation and conversion stats for the website the company might be inclined to immediately cut funding for further website development or redesign the website altogether.

However, what if they didn’t realize that 10% of the few visitors to the website became customers of the business after having visited the website and then subsequently the store location?  After all, some people are more inclined to go to a showroom and experience a product before buying it especially if it is a higher-ticket item. 

A Yellow Pages ad might, for many businesses, seem to be very expensive.  The important point here is to track your advertising.  If you can use a unique toll free number (that is track able) and only displayed on your website, and a unique Internet address for your website address, instantly you can track the effectiveness of this advertising by the number of calls to your toll free number and the number of hits on the unique Internet address.

On the subject of tracking, this is where Internet Marketing pulls ahead of the pack.  Internet Marketing is by and large one of the most trackable forms of marketing and works very well with other marketing elements or even on its own.  Depending on the type (Email, banner, search marketing, pay per click) there are a large number of different metrics and tools that companies can use to measure the success of their internet marketing campaigns. 

Making decisions based on what appears at the surface level alone can be risky, dangerous and costly.  It’s important to analyze what’s happening in context with all of your other marketing elements in order to make solid long-term marketing decisions. 

However, if you keep your company’s goals in mind, remain focused, measure and test every marketing effort, and evaluate your campaign overall, you’ll avoid making quick decisions that can lead to costly results. 

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