Why Your Business Website Requires Content: Ever-changing content is the lifeblood of the internet

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featured image According to the Online Publishers Association’s four-year study regarding Internet Activity (The Internet Activity Index), foreseeable trends show a strong sustained growth for online content. Major search engines are shoving aside smaller, less-frequently updated websites for websites that give visitors the information they’re looking for.

The study shows that visitors are spending on average 47% of their time online with content as opposed to other activities such as communication (email, instant messaging), and search (Google, Yahoo Search, MSN Live Search).*

This means that if a person spends 1 hour a day online then nearly 30 minutes of that time is spent with website content. These are things like reading articles, news, weather reports, fashion trends, product reviews, and watching video etc.

With faster connections and more accurate search technology becoming more prevalent every day, users are spending less time with the search results and more time with the content. More people than ever before are starting to use the web as a newspaper, a library, a phone book, TV-guide, entertainment system, and a virtual bank to name a few.

If your website shows only a few of your products, your store hours, contact information, and a couple of paragraphs about your company, then you’re completely missing the mark. Without quality content that is updated frequently, you’ll have very little information that visitors are searching for and the value of your website in the eyes of a search engine drops dramatically and so does your traffic. Having access to a good writer, particularly an SEO Copywriter, gives you a huge competitive advantage over your competition; particularly those who have yet to adapt to this changing web trend by adding content of their own. Not sure where to start adding content? How about these?

Content Ideas

• Writing industry articles
• Writing product reviews and comparisons
• Putting customer comments and testimonials on your site
• Writing and maintaining a company ‘blog
• Writing tutorials on how to use your products
• Offering tips on how to use your products
• Sending out a newsletter and putting a copy of it on your site.

No Copywriter? No problem. Even if you don’t have access to a professional copywriter/proofreader, take a couple of the suggestions above and write about them yourself. Then run your work by at least 2 other people before you publish it. This way you’re at least publishing something of interest and are able to catch as many spelling, grammar, and other mistakes as you can in the process.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a skilled programmer at your disposal, you might also want to have them add:

• Interactive applications (Mortgage calculators, fitting guides etc)
• Message boards and discussion forums
• A place for customers to leave reviews themselves

Benefits of Content to Your Company

1. Content gives visitors a compelling reason to come to your website.
2. Useful, well-written, optimized content will bring more targeted and better quality visitors.
3. More targeted visitors mean more chances to generate leads, sales, sign ups, or backward links.
4. More backward links means better search engine visibility
5. Better search engine visibility means more visitors.
6. More visitors mean more chances to generate leads, sales, sign ups, or backward links.

See how the simple process can literally double up on itself over and over again? It’s important to remember that in order to sustain exponential growth like this, quality content generation must be an ongoing process. You should always be adding articles, reviews, frequent updates to the company ‘blogs, etc. Content is fuel which will power the future growth of your website and should always be considered a priority.

The Next Step

To find out more about having high-quality, relevant content added to your website, visit our Web Copy and Article Sourcing page.

Or, contact us directly for further details on how we can help you create quality content for your web site.

Article Sources

* Marshall, Don. “Web Users Now Spend Half Their Time Visiting Content" Online Publishers Association, August 13, 2007. Accessed on: September 26, 2007. http://www.online-publishers.org/newsletter.php?newsId=242&newsType=pr 

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