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EY Entrepreneur of the Year Nomination

Metric Marketing's John McDonald has been nominated in the Technology & Communications category for the Prairies region in recognition of his vision, leadership and achievement in building a successful, growing, and dynamic business.

Team Commuter Challenge

Metric Marketing proudly participated in the 2014 National Commuter Challenge, the week-long event that runs alongside Canadian Environment Week to encourage Canadians to take transit, walk, or cycle to work in a friendly competition between cities and workplaces. 

Dinner for 1200 - Winnipeg

It's not everyday that you get to sit down with 1200 of the cities finest to enjoy an exquisite, prairie-inspired meal at a secret pop-up location. We jumped on the opportunity to support our friends at 5468796 Achitechture (the interior designers responsible for making our office space amazing) who conceived the idea for Table for 1200 as an opportunity to bring together architechture, design, and culinary arts.

Post-Work Placement Wisdom from our Latest Intern


I first learned about the work placement position at Metric Marketing after I met Metric’s CEO, John McDonald, at Red River College’s Directions business conference in February. Unlike the other marketing companies that were represented at the Directions conference, John didn’t talk about sales, retail or advertisement. Instead, John focused on the importance of communications and writing. As a student with a BA in English Lit, I can tell you that the ability to write is largely taken for granted in the business world. I was so happy to hear that a company understood the importance of strong, written communication, as it can be applied to more than just a well worded memo or email. I spoke to John about the work placement program and, after exchanging [...] Read more

Is Your Email Marketing Content Valuable? 5 Questions to Ask

Email marketing is one of the highest converting marketing tactics used to connect with consumers. According to Hubspot, email marketing has an ROI of 4300%, with 91% of consumers checking their emails at least once a day, and 76% of consumer opening an email within two days of receiving it.

How can you make sure that consumers will respond positively to your content? By using valuable content.

Valuable content is about focusing on the quality, accessibility, and relevance of the content in your emails. While every company will want to have different kinds of content, there are still some rules to follow in ensure your content is valuable. Here are five important questions you should ask yourself before you send out your next email to your [...] Read more