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Your business, your competitors, and your target audience 

As consumers, we have become wary and defensive about brands. As marketers, we hear from experts that branding is a thing of the past. At Metric Marketing, we understand a very simple fact:

Your brand is the way in which your organization’s personality is communicated and perceived. Whether or not you’re thinking about it, your customers are.

Metric Marketing’s Brand Development & Consulting services allow your organization to unify and solidify the way your organization’s personality is communicated to your target audiences.

Our ultimate deliverable with branding services is an experience guide that tells the story of your company, and summarizes your organization’s value, layers, and differentiators. In addition to laying out these high-level aspects of your organization, we also aim to improve the efficiency and quality of your communications through specifically identifying competitors, target audiences, and other factors of the business environment in which your company operates.

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The Metric Difference

We're not merely a branding company. We differentiate our process through the fact that rather than creating an entirely-new Brand Identity for your company, we simply aim to build a Brand Experience that clearly communicates the identity your organization already has. In addition to building a Brand that is more true, this approach has economical benefits. Other aspects of our process that make it work include:

  • It is modular in design – so you can pick the elements you need
  • It takes advantage of existing materials or documents
  • It recognizes and works within the realities of your business
  • It uses cost-effective research/information tools rather than expensive surveys
  • It is interactive – your team is an integral part of the development process
  • It can be as detailed (a full Brand Plan) or as functional (a preliminary Brand Guide) as you need it to be
  • The process is driven by our clients
  • The process is transparent – from the outset you know the deliverables and the cost associated with each level selected

If you are unsure as to whether or not you need Metric’s assistance with developing your brand, ask these questions:

  1. Do you have one consistent message that differentiates you from your competition?
  2. What is the external perception of your organization, and does it match the desired external perception?
  3. Have you identified your target audiences, and can you say with certainty that your organization’s messaging speaks to them?

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