Appealing to a broader customer base through a refined brand identity


The Challenge

Brunswick Steel is a supplier of steel and metal products with a current customer focus on Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Northwestern Ontario. Brunswick sets themselves apart from their competitors by providing first and second step processing of steel products (cutting and bending) as well as express service to ensure customers are able to have the materials they need as quickly as possible.

When they first approached us, Brunswick had already identified their service to smaller business operators in the past as a missed opportunity. To address this they had begun to shift their focus back to their roots, including the opening of a retail presence at their current 125 Bismark location to service walk-in customers. Their main challenge lay with integrating this renewed customer focus with their brand to appeal to this broader customer base.

The Solution

A thorough brand assessment was conducted which informed the design of a new identity system for Brunswick that acknowledged the brand’s refined direction.

Reinforcing the revitalised brand identity across various touch points, new design elements were developed aimed at combining and communicating the confidence and professionalism expected of a larger business with the friendly nature and care of a local supplier. 


  • Manufacturing


  • Brand Identity

Logo Evolution

The Results

Updating Brunswick's visual identity (VI) required developing a series of new assets including brand and product guides, email signatures, sell sheets and business cards, as well as:

  • An updated logo, consisting of a strong, angular typeface customized from an existing font, (fitting with Brunswick’s customization services).
  • A minimalist new colour system and guidelines that draw the eye in a way that stays true to the pragmatic nature of the construction industry.
  • A new brand mark - the bracket - both a nod to the products Brunswick manufacturers as well as a frame for branded content that works to generate brand recognition across mediums.