The Challenge

Specializing in transborder shipping, Penner International offers Truckload service to the entire Canadian market and most of the continental United States. Penner focuses on professionalism and commitment to delivery service and its long history as a family business. The previous Penner identity was dated and lacked the same impact as some competitors. In an increasingly visually stimulated world, Penner was missing out on an opportunity to make an impact with the wider public through a contemporary and more visually apparent brand identity. There were also issues of consistency with how the identity was applied. Penner needed our help in refining their identity, as well as to create a messaging platform focusing on people and highlighting recruitment.


  • Transportation

  • Distribution

  • Logistics


  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Messaging

  • Web Design

The Solution

A rebrand will define a messaging platform to address current brand channels. However, along with a new brand will be a need to maintain consistency in identity and communication. The first step was to refine and modernize Penner’s current brand identity. We fixed up the star/maple leaf design and made some small adjustments to their previously asymmetrical logo.

Penner previously had a limited amount of communication geared toward recruitment and company commitment to employees. We needed to define a set of values that speaks directly to the needs of employees as well as incorporate a vision and mission into the brand platform.

Building a strong brand depends on expressing a clear brand message. Simplification brings brand recognition and will allow Penner to deliver clarity to their audience across all lines of communication. To accurately target their audience and ultimately succeed in getting the right messages across, we simplified and clarified the message. Customers often perceive simplicity equal to quality, and therefore by simplifying the brand and communication it will help customers focus on the quality of Penner's services.