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A simple and effective solution for selling your product online.

We know that building an ecommerce store can be a stressful process. Thankfully, it’s our job to ensure that the entire process is done seamlessly and correctly. One of our strengths is our ability to learn and understand our customers’ businesses. We feel that it’s crucial to truly understand a company’s goals to create a profitable ecommerce store. In learning this, we can assist our customers in creating a strategy based around their company’s needs.

Metric Marketing has been developing ecommerce solutions for over a decade. We have the right combination of business knowledge, technical savvy, and marketing know-how to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself and when you’re asking a company to create an ecommerce software solution for your business:

1. How is your business model set up and how does the ecommerce platform complement it?

Knowing how an ecommerce site will impact your current business model will make choosing a platform much easier. Are you a business to consumer (B2C) or business to business company (B2B)? If you sell a service, can it translate to being sold online? How many variables impact your product pricing? Do you have the capacity to fill all the orders coming from the ecommerce site?

2. Is the software solution customizable?

A proper ecommerce plan will include several important design factors such as the number of clicks a customer must make to purchase a product, ease of finding products, and visual elements to help customers navigate through your online store. Additionally, it’s imperative that the ecommerce solution bears elements that will reflect your brand values.

3. Is your ecommerce solution fully-integrated?

In other words, the ecommerce software solution should enable sharing and transfer of information from your website to back-office databases and knowledge management tools. For example: Customer payments made through your website must sync with your accounting application at the back end. Similarly, customer records, such as address and phone number, on the front-end must be available to your back-end customer relationship management solution for analysis.

4. What kind of image viewer do you need to be able to sell your products?

How you get your images to your customer is one of the most important parts of the site. Images sell your product. What are the available viewer functions and which do you need: alternate images, deep zoom, 360-spin photography, thumbnail image generation, intuitive controls, branding, mobile support, customization, color swatching, video, automatic image syndication.

5. If you already have an ecommerce site how easy is it to transfer over products?

Most platforms make it easy to import your products to their system because they want your business, but it’s important to talk to someone about the steps you need to take on your side to ensure an easy transition.

6. Is the ecommerce software open source or branded?

There are two main types of ecommerce software, open source and branded.  Open source generally do not require licensing fees however they do require monthly maintenance and upgrade fees to ensure all security patches are completed.  Branded ecommerce software is a solution that is developed by a specific company and generally does require licensing fees.

Open source ecommerce have “open source” code, meaning anyone can get access to the programming and see how it works. This means that lots of people can and do contribute to the software by offering improvements to the code, and developing their own add-ons or plug-ins. It also means there are large and small website development companies and individual programmers all over the world who are familiar with the product and have the skills to work on your ecommerce store.

This open access also means that hackers have an easier route into the code if they want to cause trouble.

The Metric approach to Ecommerce

Metric Marketing provides a customized approach to ecommerce solutions.  We have developed our own ecommerce application called Ecommerce Bold; which is a  full featured, powerful, customizable  ecommerce solution. Ecommerce Bold provides an easy to use administration interface for the retailer to control and operate the e-store. In addition, Ecommerce Bold has full content management capabilities, allowing the user to create captivating content that attract consumers and search engines.  In addition, if required, we do provide Open source ecommerce software solutions.  We help you make this complicated decision and choose the right solution as if we were in your shoes.

We specialize in customized ecommerce software solutions for businesses. We strongly feel that each solution requires planning and customization to suit the retailer and consumer needs. Metric Marketing  will assist your company along the way to ensure your ecommerce goals are achieved. As the online industry matures, we see more and more opportunity for companies to thrive and sell their products online.

Learn more about our e-commerce website design or contact us today to discuss your needs.

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