Do You Love Marketing Like We Do?

If you love marketing, you might fit in at Metric.

Marketing is what we love to do. We thrive on every bit of it. The clients, the meetings, the concepts, the programming, the design, the writing, the implementation, and the satisfaction of a job well done. It’s what drives us to show up at the office every morning with a coffee in hand, ready to take on the day.

The challenge of metrics forces us to be better, more innovative marketers. We look at things with an entirely new perspective that lets us take pride in the success of our clients. It’s this ubiquitous enthusiasm that makes Metric a great place to work. As soon as you step through our doors, you’ll see that things operate a little differently here.

Our Location

Built in 1908 and designed by local architect J.D. Atchison, the Inglis Building has a vivid history. While originally a café, the Inglis building later got its name from R.J Inglis, a tailoring company which called Garry Street its home. Years later, the building was rented by the Army and Navy veterans of Canada. By 1945, the building housed offices for companies such as Monarch Life Assurance and Fidelity Trust. In 2012, we’re excited to breathe life into one of Winnipeg’s most stunning pieces of architecture. Bamboo walls, floors, and ceilings, comfy chairs, and a new-meets-old aesthetic make Metric offices as nice to look at as they are to work in.

We’re growing every day, which means we’re looking for talented creative types to join our team.

At Metric, we love to challenge ourselves, take pride in our accomplishments, and have fun. We often ask our team members, “What does your dream job look like?” That’s because we want to make sure our team is working on what they’re most passionate about. And we know that a happy team is a productive team. That’s why we offer the following benefits:


It’s tough to work when you’re not feeling your best. It’s important to us that our staff feels good. That’s why we offer a full-featured benefits package and massages each month.


We love to reward hard work, that’s why we chow down on free pizza and beer every friday. In the short but beloved warm Winnipeg months, we offer our team golfing access to St. Charles Country Club. In the colder months, we chant “Go Jets go!” with free Jets tickets.


Although we love yoga, we’re talking about a different kind of flexibility here. Work hard for us, and we’ll do anything for you. Your brother stopped into town unexpectedly? Go ahead and take a few days off. That’s the kind of flexibility you’ll enjoy working with Metric.



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