The Future of Marketing is Mobile

Reach out and target individuals with customized, dynamic mobile content.

Why do I need specific objectives in starting a mobile marketing campaign?

Your CEO knocks down your office door to say he’s realized that the future of marketing is mobile, and he wants you to do some research. He mentions these bar-code like squares he’s been seeing everywhere and that the company should immediately launch a campaign incorporating Quick Response (QR) codes.

He suggests using the QR codes to link back to the company’s website. However, the company website is average, not mobile friendly, and offers no real engagement. You can begin to see the importance of knowing what one wants a mobile marketing tool such as a QR code to do. It’s equally as important to understand the importance of having an engaging, mobile-ready website when using mobile marketing techniques. As a mobile marketing company we understand it requires an integrated system of creative ideas and tactics that can be accurately measured.

Before you dive into mobile marketing, it’s important to think strategically. Limiting your thinking to tactics only can waste time and money, and in some cases lose existing customers. It’s essential that you are able to measure and track mobile techniques against marketing. Whether your mobile marketing campaign goal is lead generation or brand loyalty, be sure that it is part of a strategic foundation.

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What are the habits of my target mobile audience?

Canadians have already spent millions of mobile commerce dollars, and every year advertisers spend more on mobile displays, apps and content. In other words, it’s no surprise that mobile is hot. The key is targeting segments within the mobile population to make the most of every marketing dollar spent.

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How will going mobile solve my customers’ problem?

If you’re considering mobile marketing, the number one question to ask yourself is this: Will implementing mobile tactics make my customers’ lives easier? Too often marketers implement a variety of tactics that don’t solve the real problem. Don’t develop an app just because everyone else is making an app, maybe it’s not the answer. Don’t use a QR code just because you see them everywhere. The key here is strategy and approach. Determine what the problem is, and develop a mobile strategy from the ground up to remedy it.

At Metric Marketing, we’re not afraid to show you exactly how different marketing tactics will help improve ROI and increase customer satisfaction. We’ll never recommend that you do anything that won’t actively improve your company, because we spend your dollars as if they were our own. What we mean by this is that going mobile may not be a good option for your company, depending on your situation.

This can be done by pinpointing your target audience. Are they young professionals? What do they do for a living? Are they married? Do they have kids? What is the exact age range? The previous questions can help reveal specific insights about your target group. The more specific the answer, the more targeted your mobile marketing will be. Dissect and analyze each of these answers with more questions - what kind of device might a married, young professional with two kids use? What kind of communication will engage them? What social media platforms do they use and care about? Effective mobile marketing requires a solid understanding of who is online, what they’re viewing and sharing, and why they need to see your brand.

What percent of visitors are accessing our brand via mobile devices?

Remember when mobile phones were used to simply call people? Okay, so we still occasionally use our mobile devices to make phone calls, but today, consumers can record television, start their cars, and listen to thousands of songs on their smartphones. Determining what percentage of your target audience actually uses their device for more than just making/receiving phone calls and what other tasks they accomplish on their device is a good start to your mobile strategy.

The idea behind mobile marketing is leveraging the existing qualities of a smartphone for a marketing benefit. Nearly everyone from kids to grandparents are at least using SMS to connect. The question is - why are they connecting? Discovering what target audiences are using their devices for will allow a more specific and strategic approach.

How does mobile fit into my overall marketing strategy?

It’s crucial to remember that mobile on its own is not necessarily the most effective marketing strategy for your business. Mobile marketing is just one increasingly important part of the marketing mix. Defining how a mobile marketing strategy fits into existing strategy requires some reflection. It takes some time to determine what could be keeping your customers from engaging on your site and which marketing tactic is going to make this interaction easier (and increase ROI). Now it’s time to determine what message that tactic will provide. Is it a quick offer or an opportunity to engage with the company on a bigger scale? Is the mobile app a complement or accompaniment to the mobile site? Mobile marketers have the ability to generate a specific mobile experience for your customer.

The Metric approach to mobile marketing

Ipsos Reid data reveals that over 83% of the Canadian population can access the Internet anywhere, anytime and that there are 25 million mobile phone subscribers in Canada. The ‘always-online’ media experience that Canadians have enjoyed on computers has now extended to mobile devices, tablet computers, and game consoles. Metric has a strong foundation of mobile experience with proven, measurable results. We work with organizations to ensure that every mobile marketing dollar spent has an effective return on investment. Metric integrates creative strategy with ROI reporting to deliver results that you can measure.

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