Traditional Print, Radio and Television Advertising

Bridging the gap between the online and offline marketing worlds.

The convergence of offline and online

While online advertising has gained momentum on a global level, offline advertising still has an important place in an overall strategy.

It's nearly impossible to produce strictly offline advertising, since consumers engage with traditional advertising through online and mobile media. For instance, a print ad in National Geographic is viewed by thousands of readers on a mobile device or digital reader. A television advertisement might appear prior to a video on YouTube. It's time to gain returns on your marketing dollars by combining online and offline media.

Print, Radio and TV Advertising

Metric speaks cross-platform

While marketing strategies evolve, one factor remains constant: The importance of measurable results. We utilize the power of metrics and data to calculate the quantifiable performance of offline advertising — from print, radio and TV advertising to billboards and trade booths. Our goal is to determine the effectiveness of each and every marketing tactic, whether it be traditional, new media or online advertising.

Track traditional to realize ROI

In certain contexts, offline advertising is important for exposure to otherwise hard-to-reach audiences. However, investments in traditional advertising can add up quickly, and without the proper partner to execute these campaigns, you may never know whether or not they were worthwhile.

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