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We are a creative marketing agency for a new era of consumers, marketing, and
brand interaction. Learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

We take an interdisciplinary approach, blending the practices of creativity, technology and marketing, to create the best work we possibly can.

We care about marketing and its future. Marketing is changing; it is becoming an ever increasing part of our lives entering our offices, pockets, and even our living rooms.

The landscape of marketing has changed more in the past five years than in the previous fifty. New technologies are being developed at a feverish pace and the relevance of these technologies changes on an almost daily basis.

The lines between traditional and digital are more blurred than ever before and consumer behaviours demand a holistic approach to marketing and advertising.

We believe marketing should fit seamlessly into our daily lives, not interrupt it. To this end, our mission is to make marketing better—for everyone—by delivering solutions that are equally enriching and valuable.

Metric's Executive Team

John has been pivotal in the focus and growth that the company has experienced to date and is heavily involved in the sales, marketing, and the strategic direction of Metric.
John McDonaldPresident & CEO
Justin oversees agency agreements, design and execution of marketing projects. He enjoys most supporting Metric associates in providing value to clients and pitching exciting new ideas.
Justin NedeckyDirector of Operations
Kevin is well-versed in assessing marketing challenges and opportunities. His job is to ensure that Metric Marketing is the right fit for prospective clients by putting himself in the client’s shoes.
Kevin MacNeilDirector of Business Development
Matt is in charge of all things creative at Metric. He oversees the agency’s creative product and takes strategic marketing plans and interprets them into “big ideas”.
Matt CohenCreative Director
Cheryl is committed to providing searchers with effortless paths to their desired goals through paid and non-paid search marketing methods.
Cheryl HillDigital Director
Our friendly office greeter, always wagging his tail. He even likes the mail man.
DougChief Greeting Officer (CGO)

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