ROI Focused

Combining stellar creative with in-depth data for truly spectacular results.

If you really get down to it, thinking about ROI is a bit of a mathematical, left-brained, analytical way of doing things. We know that this might not be what comes to mind when you think of a conventional marketing agency. In fact many of us assume that agencies come up with great ideas in boardrooms with big whiteboards and flashy artwork.

Well, you should know that we’re not a conventional agency.

The way we see it, marketing agencies should be focused on creating profits for your company. It definitely requires creativity to execute some of the strategies required to make that happen, but if we focus solely on the creative aspect, we miss a fundamental truth: If it isn’t measured, it isn’t marketing.

Like any agency, we pride ourselves on brainstorming great ideas. The difference is that we put these ideas to work for you, ensuring that you get a return on every dollar you spend. We want you to really be able to see the impact of your campaign. That’s why we make sure you can see exactly who’s interacting with your campaign, when, and where. That’s the beauty and power of Metrics, measured ROI is what makes us different.

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Online Marketing Strategy Case Study - Quark Group

The Quark Group is a successful shoe retailer, with brick & mortar stores in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. While the company was realizing strong results and growth already from their Ecommerce site, The Quark Group came to Metric Marketing looking for a way to improve gross website sales to a level equal to that of one of their retail stores.

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