Metric Marketing ROI-Based Process

Our process is centered in your outcomes.

We use a multi-tiered approach when analyzing your marketing presence in order to build a marketing strategy. This unveils itself as four layers that must be perfected in order to achieve marketing success: Your brand, your website, a mixture of base online marketing tactics, and your advanced marketing strategy consisting of your approach to other tactics such as traditional media and marketing campaigns.

Completing an initial analysis of these four components allows Metric to assess your marketing situation and make appropriate recommendations as a result. Now we can focus on the metric component of your marketing plan.

When it comes to making improvements in key organizational metrics, there are two primary variables: traffic & conversions. According to the Theory Of Constraints, at any given point in time, only one will be the weaker link. This means that increasing traffic will be the most efficient use of resources at any given moment, but in another improving the conversion rate will provide a better ROI. The Metric Marketing process will examine the data gathered from your current marketing efforts to discover which one needs to be improved first.

Once a particular area of focus within a marketing presence has been determined, we can then act on trends gleaned from the data and take the appropriate actions to improve that particular aspect of your marketing presence.

For example, a customer may come to us with a thoughtfully executed brand experience and professional website, but this customer may not have successfully implemented base online marketing tactics.

Our first step would be to analyze the amount of traffic being driven to their website, as well as the number of conversions being made. If we see that the traffic is good but the conversions are not where they could be, we can then build a Marketing Strategy focused on improving conversion rates. Combining metrics with base online marketing tactics will allow us to expand into an advanced marketing strategy after we’ve improved conversion rates.

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