Metric Marketing - Why We Exist

Lead your marketing by choice, don’t leave it to chance.

Why Metric?

On a website, a page with this title usually means: “Why should you choose to do business with Metric Marketing?” That’s a fair question, because there are plenty of reasons to choose Metric to be your marketing agency, but that’s not what this page is about.

Perhaps a more appropriate question would be: “Why does Metric Marketing even exist?” The answer to this question is far more important, and will give you exactly what you need in deciding whether Metric is the agency that you need to partner with to achieve your business objectives.

The Metric Purpose

We are wildly driven by a singular purpose: To change the way people think about marketing.

Why do we want to do this? Because it’s necessary. You see, there’s a lot of illusion in our industry, and the client is always the one getting the short end of the stick. We want to change that, forever.

Instead of thinking about marketing campaigns in terms of start & end date, think about objectives & outcomes, then let the data drive the decisions on the fastest way to get there.

So, why should you choose
Metric Marketing?


We have the geeks who build the systems to gather the data needed, and an awesome team of strategy experts to interpret it.


We have everything the other agencies have as well: creative, art development, marketing plan expertise, and experienced, dedicated, passionate people.


We walk the talk. When ROI is your primary core value, the results can do the talking for you.

Ready to see what metric can do for you? Talk to metric now!

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