About You

You’re a natural-born copywriter who can take a brief and turn it into headlines, ad copy and landing page content that converts. With 2-3 years of agency experience under your belt, you’re ready to take your keen sense of human understanding and develop data-driven big ideas that resonate with the right audience. 

As a social-savvy marketer, you’re actively using existing and emerging platforms, and developing and executing strategies focused on creating content that drives engagement. If you believe that market research and client objectives are the best ways to develop great creative, and that data and metrics are the key to optimizing performance, then we might be the perfect fit.

About Us

We’re a 25-person marketing agency that takes a strategic, digitally driven approach to producing work for our clients. We use research and analytics to inform our decisions, build strategies and positioning tied to clear goals and objectives and create breakthrough work as a result.

As part of our team, you’ll work closely with a seasoned group of creatives, developers, strategists and marketers to help companies define their competitive advantage, strengthen audience relationships and create effective and engaging solutions for some of Canada’s leading companies.

To apply, please send your resume and a portfolio with a link to your portfolio to [email protected] - subject line “Copywriter”