Web Developer


You’re a Wordpress expert, a website coding whiz, an analytics authority. You know how important search is to the performance of high-quality websites. You are curious and passionate about optimizing digital experiences to streamline conversion. You’re meticulous and organized in your work, and clear and tactful in your communications. You aren’t tied to just one way of doing things; when faced with a challenge, you approach from multiple angles to determine what’s best. Flexible, pragmatic and calm under pressure, you adapt quickly to change. You work well with writers, designers and programmers. Your enthusiasm compels you to always be learning, and your persistence ensures you always get the job done right.


As a Web Developer, you’ll work closely with our digital marketing team to plan, build, execute, measure and evolve digital marketing content. You’ll ensure Metric websites are planned, organized, built and performing to meet specifications and goals. As an SEO implementor, you’ll have the experience and tools to increase search engine performance of the web properties we create. You’ll also provide feedback to help guide the development of our search engine marketing (SEM) work, and track analytics so we can measure performance and enhance our approach. 


  • Wordpress developer

  • SEO tactical implementor 

  • Content management (CMS) expert

  • Google Analytics specialist

  • Search optimized content strategist


We’re a marketing agency that takes a strategic, digitally driven approach to producing work for our clients. We use research and analytics to inform our decisions, build strategies and positioning tied to clear goals and objectives and create breakthrough work as a result. As part of our team, you’ll work closely with a seasoned group of creatives, developers, strategists and marketers to help companies define their competitive advantage, strengthen audience relationships and create effective and engaging solutions for some of Canada's leading marketers.

To apply, please send your resume to [email protected] - subject line: “Web Developer"