How we helped a brick and mortar shoe retailer enhance their digital footprint.

The Challenge

The Quark Group was established in 1977 with the objective of offering great service and great footwear. Thirty-five years later, Quarks has grown to become a top-quality shoe supplier with nineteen locations throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, offering styles for baby boomers, seniors, and professionals of all ages.

Since the development of the very first Quarks website in 1999, Metric has built a number of content management (CMS) based sites for the organization.

The Approach

In 2003, we developed an ecommerce site for Quarks, this was part of a long-term phased online marketing strategy. Since that time we have continued to make improvements to the website. The latest major revision of the website, completed in 2015, focused on modernizing the overall look and feel of the site and made the website fully responsive for a better user experience on mobile devices.

Developing a Long-Term Strategy

As the years passed, the company was realizing strong results and growth from their ecommerce site. With the foundation for their online presence established, the next step was to create a long-term strategic guide that would direct marketing efforts towards bringing online sales in line with that of retail stores. As an established household name, the challenge was to further build their already existing online community in order to broaden their audience and increase engagement. The strategy made use of online media ranging from blogging to banner advertising, and focused on using these tactics in conjunction with the new ecommerce website to achieve objectives.

Holiday Email Campaign

The holidays have consistently been Quarks’ busy season, so we set our sights on a targeted Facebook campaign accompanied by segmented email marketing. Growing Quarks' email list was one of the ultimate goals of the Holiday Giveaway campaign, as email marketing is a highly convertible and transactionable medium. Doubling Quarks' email list resulted in a larger, attentive audience and another customer touchpoint for the brand. Moving from "conversation to commerce" through valuable content (not spammy offerings) has helped Quarks gain a loyal following.

The Results

By 2011, we were handling all of the online marketing for Quarks including SEO, paid search, social media, and email marketing. The online marketing strategy that we created focused on increasing the overall conversion rate through improving other metrics such as search engine rankings for key terms and click-through rates for product category pages.

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