Understanding Forge and ebankIT for Credit Unions

Credit Union Marketing

How your banking platform will improve your marketing

Credit unions today are becoming smart about digital marketing and see the value of using customer data to reach members and prospects with meaningful messages. But to execute a digital marketing strategy well, you first need to understand your website platform and what it can do.

With 20 years of expertise in web development and experience in digital marketing for credit unions, we can help you understand your new digital banking technology and uncover opportunities so you can make more informed and effective marketing decisions with your new platform.

ebankIT vs. Forge

You’ve probably already chosen one of these platforms for your core banking system, but just how does it work and what will it mean for you, your marketing team and your members? There are important things you need to know about your new enterprise content management (ECM) software and how it will integrate with your core banking system to deliver banking services seamlessly to your members and staff.

One important feature of new banking platforms is their back-end access to website analytics, which will help you see and leverage the data of those who visit your website. This will give your marketing strategy a powerful edge.

What We Bring to the Table

We’re a marketing agency that focuses on data-driven results. We work with several credit unions across Western Canada and want to see our partners get the most out of their marketing investment with technology that works best for their needs.

Recently, we’ve been going through transitions to Forge and ebankIT with our own credit union clients. We’ve learned a lot and want to share what we know about these enterprise options and how they will positively impact your marketing.

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We’re building a presentation that will break down the mystique of Celero Xpress, ebankIT, Forge and Backbase. We'll show you how these new technologies are already making a difference to credit unions and their marketing strategies.

We’ll also tell you what software certifications you should care about, and we’ll outline the technical conversations you’ll want to have with your executive and IT teams to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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