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Deciding which company should develop your website is a critical business decision and one that should never be taken lightly. Before you can safely choose the right website design company, you need to ask some hard questions. Here’s what you need to be asking potential website suppliers:

1. “Are you a marketing firm or a web design agency?"

It’s prudent and in your best interest to deal with a marketing company as they have the required expertise to understand your brand inside and out. They will be able to create the exact look, feel, and personality that your website needs. A marketing company will be strategic with their decisions, and can engineer your website based on your ROI needs. Additionally, a marketing firm can create copy for your site that is catered to search engines and communicates your company’s specific brand message.

2. “Do your costs include time to understand my business?”

It is very difficult to produce an engaging and effective website if you don’t have an intimate knowledge of your client’s business. This process takes time. If a company is not willing to sit down with you to really get to know your company and your goals, they’re not worth your time, or more importantly, your hard earned dollars.

3. “What is your approach to design?”

It’s impossible to produce a distinctive design if you can’t understand the intricacies of branding. Great design should be consistent, creative and communicate your differentiators in a subtle yet effective way.

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4. “Can you help me market my website?”

An experienced marketing firm will have a solid grasp on all forms of advertising from print to web and beyond. They understand that more and more consumers are online and being an expert in online marketing is crucial to their client’s marketing success.

5. Can you help me measure the success of my website?

This is a big one. A properly developed website is not a small cost. Ensuring that your website is increasing your sales revenue should be the main goal. An experienced provider should have methods in place to determine the return on your website investment. Metrics are key. Data doesn’t lie.

If a website supplier can’t fully or accurately answer these questions, they don’t have your best interests at heart and won’t produce a site that meets your company’s goals and needs.

If you need a site where you can quickly and easily sell products and services, be sure to head over to our ecommerce page to learn more about selling products online.

All said, Metric Marketing offers some of the best web design, marketing and tracking in Canada and around the world.

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