Learn how we used data and leveraged our industry partnership to help an Episcopal elementary school connect with right-fit families.

Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School (Beauvoir) is a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 school located in Washington, DC. Guided by rules of kindness, respect, responsibility, and honesty, Beauvoir holds a “beautiful view” of childhood — where learning is embraced as a lifelong endeavor, in a diverse and supportive community.

Beauvoir embraces the wonder of childhood, with an education approach and dynamic learning environment that promote inquiry, confidence, and whole-child development.



In order to increase inquiries, drive enrollment and reach more diverse audiences, Beauvoir needed to communicate what set it apart from other private, independent, Episcopal and pre-K to grade 3 schools.

The journey families take to choose the right school for their child(ren) is long and involved. Beauvoir required a campaign platform that met right-fit families at key stages in their research journey, with messaging that resonates with their vision of early childhood learning.



Our process began with a deep-dive into the data, with a Measurement and Analytics project that sifted through Beauvoir’s metrics to discover what was working — and what needed help — in order to meet marketing and admissions objectives. We also worked closely with their team to define best-fit audiences, and identify the KPIs we could use to measure success moving forward.

Insights in-hand, we then developed a multi-channel digital strategy that pinpointed the right mix of channels and messaging to connect with families that will appreciate and thrive at Beauvoir, throughout all stages of their school research and selection journey. 

In developing the campaign platforms, we leveraged our “Dream Team” partnership with EdwardsCo, using the extensive research conducted by their team to inform design and messaging that brought Beauvoir’s brand to life.


EdwardsCo’s research identified that what makes Beauvoir stand out — and what parents are looking for — is the school’s embrace of the wonders of childhood. This essence was summed up in the keyword: Imagine.

Imagine encompasses the philosophy that at Beauvoir, children are respected and nurtured as the true individuals they are. The result is confident, curious graduates with a whole-hearted love of learning, and families with a deeper understanding and appreciation of who their child truly is.

Creatively, we brought this vision to life through the use of kaleidoscopes. Like children, families and our view of the world as we grow, kaleidoscopes are dynamic and ever-changing. No two kaleidoscopic images are ever the same, each composed of myriad artifacts that come together to form something new, beautiful and wholly unique. We celebrate their diversity and embrace the new perspective each one provides.

We created each kaleidoscope using imagery that could be found in and around the educational environment. These visuals were combined with headlines that demonstrated Beauvoir’s “beautiful view” of the wonders of childhood, and their dedication to nurturing the potential of each individual learner.

These ads were rolled out across a variety of digital channels, including Google Display and Google Search, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Unique ads were crafted to address each stage of the research journey, and encompassed children of various ages, interests and learning styles.


As a result of our data-driven approach and streamlined partnership with EdwardsCo, Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School, now has a strong foundation for measuring marketing success and maintaining a robust online presence. 

Launching in 2022, the resulting campaign is posed to make an impact for Beauvoir. We look forward to updating this Case Study as the results roll in.

In the meantime, we continue to work closely with Beauvoir on projects that include website development, campaign optimization, email marketing, and social media support.

You can learn more about the private and independent schools we’ve helped here, view other marketing campaigns we’ve built and executed here, or click here to learn more about our partnership approach and  discover the difference we can make for your school.

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