MARKETSMART™ for Private Schools

MARKETSMART™ is a program built for independent and private schools to better market themselves, grow and retain students who will thrive with them. Designed with industry-leading experts from across North America, this program provides a breadth of products and services schools need to establish a strong foundation for effective decision-making, nurture their growth, and meet the needs of best-fit families.

The MARKETSMART™ program consists of three product categories, each with unique products and services designed to achieve your objectives.

Make Better Decisions

A grouping of products that provide research, data and actionable insights that drive better decision making. Through in-depth research and measurement strategies, these tools help you deepen engagement, build trust and confidence in your school to fuel success.


Grow your School

To help your school grow and recruit more strategically, we developed specialized tools to educate and inspire engagement from target families. Guided by our repeatable marketing process and data-driven approach, we provide the proven strategies you require to make more informed choices and steer you towards growth.


Build Strong Foundations

We employ a set of foundational tools that ensures your school is built for success, stands-out from your competition and captures the attention of best-fit families. This group of products and services lays the groundwork to achieve your goals by developing a well-positioned brand, a digital presence that performs, and targeted strategies that present your schools’ values to the right families at the right time.


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How MARKETSMART™ Helps Private Schools Stand-Out

Full Suite of Marketing and Advertising Services for Private Schools in North America

Driven by our data expertise, we provide a full suite of marketing and advertising solutions that meet private schools' needs across North America. From research and brand development to innovative campaign creation and execution, we support your school at every stage with our collection of tailored products aimed at generating results.

Partnership with Industry Leaders in the United States

To ensure the best solutions for your school’s objectives, we have partnered with the most trusted, data-driven marketing experts for independent and private schools in North America. 

Metric Marketing  

With over 20 years’ experience helping independent and private schools meet their marketing and communications objectives, Metric specializes in providing innovative marketing solutions that attract and increase enrollment and retention.


EdwardsCo is a branding, marketing and communications company with over 40 years of experience working with private schools in the United States. We have partnered with EdwardsCo to provide leading-edge branding products that reflect your school’s values and resonates with target audiences. 

Connor Associates 

With over 30 years of working in collaboration with private and independent schools in the United States and internationally, Connor Associates Strategic Services is our trusted marketing research partner. Together, our research products capture the meaningful data needed to steer your marketing activities in the right direction.

Data-Driven Big Ideas

Our team of passionate industry veterans lead every project with data-driven big ideas that inspire action and drive measurable results. By understanding what motivates potential families to take action, backed by metrics and actionable insights, we deliver engaging and effective ideas that ensure your school stands out from the competition.

Integrated Data Decision Making

With meaningful data as our guide, we partner with your school to integrate data and your collective objectives to lead stronger decision-making. Our process ensures objectives across all departments, from the head of school to the board are understood, measurable and met with strategies to achieve your goals.

Strengthen your Team

We act as an extension of your team by providing our expertise in areas your team may lack while suggesting new strategies and processes that will benefit your bottom line. In partnership with your school, we take the time to build trust and deeply understand your needs to strengthen your impact while ensuring a positive return on your investment. 

See the full MARKETSMART™ Product Suite

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