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Over the last few years, the education industry has experienced major shifts. These shifts have highlighted where many private and independent schools have found their strengths, and where others have found areas in need of improvement. These opportunities and challenges must be met head-on with sound strategies and proven partnerships.

In order to help organizations like yours, three of North America’s leading private and independent school marketing experts have joined forces to create a limited partnership specifically designed for your industry. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your brand, grow admissions, raise funds, engage alumni or elevate your in-house capabilities, we’re here to help.

Your Marketing Dream Team


EdwardsCo is a branding, marketing and communications company with over 40 years of experience working with private and independent schools in the United States. We have partnered with EdwardsCo to provide leading-edge branding products that reflect your school’s values and resonate with target audiences. 

Connor Associates

With over 30 years of collaboration with private and independent schools in the United States and internationally, Connor Associates Strategic Services is our trusted marketing research partner. Together, our research products capture the meaningful data needed to steer your marketing activities in the right direction.

Metric Marketing

Metric Marketing is a strategic, digitally driven marketing agency with decades of experience helping private and independent schools all over North America. Our focus is to justify your decisions and resource needs, work more efficiently, and execute successful strategies based on past performance outcomes.

Everything we do is focused on delivering a positive return for independent and private schools. Through research and analytics, we develop tools, messaging and breakthrough creative that meet qualified leads at critical points to streamline their research and conversion process.

Marketing Insights for Private & Independent Schools 

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Metric Marketing and NAIS partnered to conduct a nationwide survey of private & independent school marketers. Take a peek behind the curtain and learn about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today - and get insights and best practices from our teams that you can start actioning today.
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How We Can Help
Your School

We employ a repeatable marketing philosophy that pinpoints the audience's behaviours and decisions that lead to conversions. By identifying this key data and establishing benchmarks and key performance indicators (KPIs) at the start, we enable you to work with laser-focused precision and streamline conversions. We then execute and optimize your campaign based on our findings, continuously measuring performance and responding to the data that results.

Check out MARKETSMART™ for Private Schools. A program built explicitly for independent and private schools.

Step One:

We mine the data to identify and measure the behaviours that lead to conversions, then set your benchmarks and KPIs accordingly.

Step Two:

We work with your team to refine your purchase experience to streamline those conversion points.

Step Three:

Our strategic, creative and digital experts develop your organic and paid channels with breakthrough creative and messaging that addresses key decision drivers.

Step Four:

We go back to the start, evaluating what’s working and what isn’t, then adjusting as needed.

Scale Your School with

MARKETSMART™ for Private and Independent Schools is a dedicated program designed to help your institution grow. Through data-driven decision-making, relationship building and creative strategies, we apply our expertise working with private and independent schools to address your unique needs and market challenges. 

Our service tiers are designed to complement each other, helping you whether you’re building a plan from scratch or need context on the activities you’re already doing.

Make Better Decisions

Leverage the power of your data to make more meaningful marketing decisions through custom analytics configuration and insight reporting.

  • Measurement & Insights
  • Competition study
  • Communication study
  • School Network study
  • Alumni Survey
  • Secret Shopper
  • Board Sphere of Influence Analysis

Grow Your School

Apply the decision-making tools we’ve created towards getting in front of your audience with campaign development and execution.

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Digital Marketing Execution
  • Increase Enrollment study
  • Donor Prospect Study
  • Campaign Market Research

Build Strong Foundations

Empower your team and school with brand messaging, leadership training and strategic planning built around differentiation and scalability.

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Strategy & Message Training
  • Brand Image Audit study
  • Brand Perception Study
  • Website Redesign

Strategic Recommendations
For Your School

Our NASA process allows us to produce strategic recommendations based on your specific needs. Through discovery sessions, real-world data and a collaborative approach, we’ll work with your team at no charge to develop an annual plan focused on your objectives. This process demonstrates our value as a best-of-breed partner and helps you create a marketing roadmap to achieve results.

Step 01:

  • Identify current obstacles, challenges and opportunities

  • Define roles and team strengths

  • Discuss current industry trends and insights

  • Share initial findings on your school

Step 02:

  • Walk through your analytics, compared to Metric’s analytics, to see how far your customization has come

  • Present school measurement planning examples

  • Discover your current acquisition strategies and opportunities

  • Review your current behaviours and opportunities

Step 03:

  • Recommend formal strategy and determine strategic partners

  • Present costs associated with every strategy for budget building

  • Review annual timelines by project

  • Discuss various approaches presented so priorities can be decided upon

Step 04:
Annual Plan

  • Select strategic priorities between teams

  • Finalize budgets based on strategic priorities

  • Create an annual strategy calendar

  • Distribute work between teams

Education Marketing

Not too long ago, the education industry went through a decade of change over a few months. Now, many private schools are still working towards maintaining pre-pandemic success, while others are looking to strengthen or refresh their existing marketing and enrollment efforts. Metric’s VP of Accounts, Kevin MacNeil, sat down with CAIS to discuss short and long-term marketing opportunities for schools looking to adapt to this changed environment.

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