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Today’s parents and students are making decisions in an entirely new way, turning to search engines and social media—instead of recruiters and brochures—to inform their opinions and ultimately, their choices. For private and independent schools, it’s more important than ever to meet audiences where they are, with messaging and tools that connect with their needs.

As independent and private school marketing experts, our goal is simple: to help independent and private schools strengthen their brands and recruit students who will thrive with them.

Why Metric

Attraction, enrollment & retention experts

We have over 20 year’s experience and a proven track record of helping independent and private schools meet their marketing and communications objectives, from increasing open house attendance and enhancing enrollment and retention, to facilitating stakeholder participation and buy-in.

Customer journey driven

We use market data to help you understand your customer’s decision making journey, then develop tools, messaging and breakthrough creative that meets qualified leads at critical points to streamline their research and conversion process.

A true partnership

We work collaboratively with your team, augmenting their strengths and equipping them with tools and insights that will help them make better decisions today and down the road. We are right-sized to provide you with both personal attention and world-class executions.

Meaningful, measurable results

We provide detailed reports that directly correlate our efforts with your goals and outcomes. This enables you to facilitate buy-in, justify your decisions and resource needs, work more efficiently and execute more successful strategies based on past performance outcomes.

Digital platform experts

We are experts in utilizing the industry’s leading admissions and enrollment management software—including Blackbaud and SchoolAdmin—to the fullest possible advantage, understanding their limitations and developing integrated solutions.

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How We Can Help
Your School

We employ a repeatable marketing philosophy that pinpoints the audience behaviours and decisions that lead to conversions. By identifying this key data and establishing benchmarks and KPIs at the start, we enable you to work with laser-focused precision and streamline conversions. We then execute and optimize your campaign based on our findings, continuously measuring performance and responding to the data that results.

Step One:

We mine the data to identify and measure the behaviours that lead to conversions, then set your benchmarks and KPIs accordingly.

Step Two:

We work with your team to refine your purchase experience to streamline those conversion points.

Step Three:

Our strategic, creative and digital experts develop your organic and paid channels, with breakthrough creative and messaging that addresses key decision drivers.

Step Four:

We go back to the start, evaluating what’s working and what isn’t, then adjusting as needed.

Our Work

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We’re proud to provide a free Needs Assessment to any CAIS member school. As a digitally-driven company serving schools across Canada, we have the ability to connect in a way and at a time that works best for you. To request a Needs Assessment, or for any other inquiries, simply click to contact us, and a member of our team will be in touch.

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