A Look

Our Approach

Driven by the data that describes your customers and their needs, we set out to fundamentally understand your goals and objectives and learn what inspires your customers to convert. Every project Metric takes on has a purpose and a measurable outcome.

We are Bold

Guided by our deep understanding of brand strategy, competitive positioning and creative development, we are able to drive emotional and actionable engagement from your customers through bold, innovative work backed by differentiators unique to your brand.

We are Connected

Navigating an increasingly noisy world, we provide digitally driven work that connects, communicates and ensures that your business resonates with the right people at the right time with the right message.

Who We Are


We don’t sell products, tactics or projects - we build marketing entities and partnerships. Our Accounts team has forged their own path in business, marketing and project management. Think of this team as an extension of yours. They’ll listen, build trust and manage your investment as if it were their own.

  • Kevin MacNeil
    VP of Accounts, Partner
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  • Jonathan Remis
    Senior Account Executive
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  • Dan Yorsh
    Senior Account Executive
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  • Wesley Dyck
    Senior Account Executive
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  • Krista Sukhan
    Account Executive
  • Haley Peloquin
    Account Executive
  • Brett Gavrailoff
    Account Executive
  • Rakho Uzzal (Topu)
    Director, Project Management
  • Brenden Young
    Project Manager
  • Annie Quinton
    Project Coordinator


Our creative team is made up of hand-picked industry veterans, each one bringing to the table a seasoned perspective on research methodology, campaign generation and brand expression. Together, our diverse skills combine to create effective and engaging ideas designed to deliver results.

  • Lindsay Wright
    Creative Director
  • Veronica Rosin
    Marketing Strategist
  • Ever Flores
    Senior Designer
  • Jimmy Quinones
    Campaign Specialist
  • Tyler Persaud
    Senior Designer
  • Ryan Story
    Senior Designer


United by a drive to dig deeper into all things digital, our digital team looks to the data to unlock understanding. From thinking beyond the tools they use, to understanding the metrics each tool provides, they uncover insights that allow us to continually hone our craft and optimize your work.

  • Meghan Tooley
    Digital Marketing Director
  • Alex S
    Senior Developer
  • Andrea Dewey
    Web Developer
  • Dinaz Mahudawala
    Campaign Manager
  • Johan Manrique
    Digital Strategist
  • Chau Pham
    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Matt Gemmell
    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Kyle Radford
    Technical Strategist
  • Carolina Reyes
    Digital Marketing Specialist

Executive & Operations

Whether it’s streamlining processes, living our values or managing our growth, our executive & operations team is driven by a long-term vision for our company. Each team member ensures that everything we do is aligned with that vision and that the steps we take each day will get us to where we want to be tomorrow.

  • Tracy Huddleston
  • Erin Steeves
    Office Manager/HR
  • John McDonald
    CEO, Founder
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  • Justin Nedecky
    COO, Founder

    Our Story

    Metric is guided by the principle of growth - for our clients' businesses, our associates and our organisation and its capabilities.

    In 1999, fewer than 250 million people used the internet worldwide and if you wanted to go online, dial up was how you’d do it. It was also the year our company was founded by John McDonald and Justin Nedecky. We appreciated how the communications landscape was changing and not only wanted to be part of it, we wanted to lead the charge.

    By the mid 2000s, we were building content management systems and optimizing sites for search engines before Wordpress and Google were part of our everyday lives. And as we grew, businesses began coming to us to not only create an online presence for them, but to develop strategies that would help them market their product or service to an increasingly connected world.

    We began diversifying our skill sets and enhancing our offering. We used our expertise and experience to develop multi-channel digital marketing campaigns and engage in enterprise level search marketing projects. And while our processes and the way we work with clients  have evolved over the years, our philosophy remains the same: to deliver metric-driven marketing and breakthrough creative to help sophisticated organizations achieve growth.

    In 2017 Metric pivoted its focus and entered the Private and Independent schools marketing space, building on the successes it had achieved with clients in this sector. Metric leadership realized that in order to create the most value from its work, it could not be the best in every industry. Buyers are more empowered than ever, and a specialized approach to problem solving was the answer. We feel this niche fits well with our purpose of growth, as essentially we are assisting to grow the future leaders of the world.

    Now, over two decades since our doors first opened, we’re still fully immersed in this brave new world. Our agility and passion have enabled us to build a powerfully adept team of digital marketing and creative professionals. And every day, we strive to lead with ideas, put them in front of the right people at the right time and measure ruthlessly against the results.

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