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How to Plan Your Best Photo Shoot Ever

Planning a photo shoot this year? Or maybe you just know you need more/better photography? We asked our team to create a list of practical tips to help create impactful and engaging photography for your school.

Can SMS be the Game-Changer your Admissions Funnel Needs?

Navigating private or independent school admissions can feel like chasing a moving target. With families bombarded by choices and information, it’s tough for schools to capture their attention. Traditional methods like emails often go unopened, and direct mailers are lost in the shuffle. Schools need a more direct, engaging approach to connect with prospective families. Enter SMS.

Looking for school marketing inspiration? Metric is celebrating our recently honored work for STS - and the rest of the InspirED 2023 Brilliance Award winners!

10 Secrets of a High-Converting Landing Page

Creating or updating landing pages for this admissions season? Discover the 10 most useful tips to create a high-converting landing page that will drive conversions for your school and help you reach your marketing and admissions targets.

Why do families choose your school? And why do they choose it over other options? Take a peek behind the scenes at common marketing strategies and messages for private & independent schools – and discover how to leverage those insights to create a stronger marketing campaign for your school.

10 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Keep in 2024

We asked some of our Metric team members about the top marketing resolutions they’d recommend for 2024 to keep up with trends, learnings, and opportunities for your private or independent school.

Metric x RRC Polytech: Sarah and Sasha

Meet the design and communications students who spent some time at Metric this semester! Read about their experiences - and find out why we think hosting student work placements is one of the best things we do all year.

What Are Your Competitors Tracking?

Ever wonder what your competitors are tracking? (Of course you do.) Take a peek behind the scenes to discover the top three KPIs other schools are tracking - and learn why it’s so important to have a unified plan to track your own marketing efforts.

Earlier this month, three of our Metric team members partnered with CAIS on a brand new webinar: Growing Your School through Data & Advertising. Over the course of an hour, we were able to touch on three topics we get asked about a lot. Read about what we covered - and how you can access the recording.

5 Tips for Using Testimonials in Your School's Marketing Mix

Discover practical steps to gather and showcase testimonials, strengthening your school's reputation and drawing in prospective families with real, relatable success stories.

What We Love About the NAIS & EMA Cost Per Enrollment Study

NAIS and EMA put their heads together to dive deep into one of a private and independent school marketer’s biggest hills to climb: understanding your Cost Per Enrollment. We read the report so you don’t have to! Here’s what we thought.

Want to do more to market your boarding program – but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Level up your boarding program marketing strategy by asking yourself these six questions. 

Embracing Flexibility: Where in the World is Metric?

In an evolving work landscape, we are committed to flexibility. Discover how Metric team members have embraced the freedom to work from anywhere – and why it matters to us.

Delve into 10 must-try techniques that will help you create a captivating welcome series for your school. Learn how simple adjustments to your information, CTAs, events and offers can become the key to building strong relationships and increasing enrollment rates.

Ready to dive into the world of data-driven marketing – but not sure where to start? Our recommendation is usually a measurement project. Here's an overview of what you need to know about a Metric-led measurement project, and why it's the ideal first step toward upping your marketing game.


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