Social Media Strategy

When it’s done right, social media can play a valuable role in your overall marketing strategy. It can help you amplify your reach, raise your brand profile, engage target audiences and drive qualified leads to your website. 

Best of all, in the right hands, it can be executed in a way that provides meaningful, measurable returns on your investment. 


At Metric, we believe the best people to execute your social media strategy are on your own internal team—the folks with comprehensive knowledge of your brand, insights into your day-to-day activities and the ability to improvise as products, services and situations evolve. Our job is to equip them with everything they need to do the job well, measurably and in a manner that’s aligned with your corporate objectives.

We take a data-driven approach to social media, delivering tools and training that your team can use to achieve your brand, engagement and growth goals.

Our job is to arm your internal marketing team with the knowledge and resources they need to execute an effective social media strategy. The tools and guidance we provide will enable them to create compelling, actionable content that’s aligned with your corporate objectives—and continue doing so effectively for years to come. 

Think of us as your strategy and analytics team, setting you up to succeed in the daily execution and handling of social media, and bringing you insights and ideas that are driven by sound data. 


Our social media strategy service follows a proven, repeatable process.

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