How we helped a sports apparel brand optimize their online performance.

The Challenge

Since its establishment in 1996, FXR has developed into an internationally recognized high performance rider apparel brand. Prior to contacting Metric, FXR was not tracking their success in any measurable way.

In May of 2008 we developed the first website for FXR – primarily a marketing and catalogue site. Following development, monthly SEO was implemented to increase brand awareness through organic search results, driving traffic to the new site.

Three years later, FXR continued to offer great products through a catalogue-style marketing website, but did not offer the customers an opportunity to purchase online. As fashion comes and goes, so to does website design style and FXR’s customers were no longer intrigued by the dated site, which was evident through reduced engagement. It became evident that FXR needed to incorporate a contemporary ecommerce solution.

FXR Website

The Approach

In order to accommodate all of FXR’s needs, they needed more than an off-the-shelf ecommerce solution. Creating a dynamic and performance-driven site provided us with several technical design challenges.

The ambitious design first required the Metric developers to come up with a fully- tailored ecommerce software strategy, with particular attention to FXR’s brand strategy. We implemented a custom Ecommerce Bold platform to support multiple regions that effectively integrated the existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Our implementation of this software allowed for greater flexibility to realize FXR’s design. As a result of this flexibility, we were able to integrate with FXR’s existing Netsuite software and create back end interfaces to effectively manage what the front end interfaces required.

Part of FXR’s custom design process involved creating three portals in different languages. Visitors from Sweden, Norway, and Finland see custom designed websites when they visit FXR’s site, completely tailored to each country. During each stage of development, both the Metric and FXR teams collaborated to accomplish specific and particular goals.

The Metrics

FXR’s first site was launched in 2008 and the second generation site (with ecommerce) in 2011. In a comparative analysis of periods October 2008 - January 2010 (pre- ecommerce) and October 2010 - January 2012 (with ecommerce), FXR realized how big an impact an effective ecommerce platform can have. FXR’s site received 6.5%, or 160,000 more page views, and pages per visit increased by 43% (or 4 pages per person). The average time-on-site increased 10%, or approximately 30 seconds per person. Finally, the bounce rate decreased 20%.

The Results

We successfully interpreted FXR’s brand through meticulous site creation. The result is a great ecommerce website produced from an ambitious client design. Since the software was implemented, FXR has enjoyed expanding product lines and a greater customer base. We were able to combine FXR’s creative visual ideas with an end objective-- an ecommerce website.

"From the initial quote to the end product, Metric has been there every step of the way. Whether it was meeting tough deadlines or simply answering questions, their professional customer service has been a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Metric Marketing for any organization trying to increase their web presence."

—Bruce Macaulay 

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