Trafalgar Castle School  is an independent  school located in Whitby, Ontario. Since 1874, they’ve focused on educating and empowering girls Grades 4 through 12 to make a difference in the world.


In a world where gender inequality still exists, all-girls schools face an uphill battle in challenging stereotypes of girls-only education. Trafalgar Castle School needed a campaign that showcased their difference: an educational environment that empowers girls to grow into bold, inspirational, independent women. 


In days gone by, Trafalgar Castle School’s key brand elements of castles and girls may have conjured ideas that run counter to the school’s philosophy.

We began by examining these elements through a modern lens. Castles, we saw, are beacons of strength, victory and calculated planning. Girls, meanwhile, embody bravery, leadership and authenticity. By leaving dated gender narratives behind and leaning into the philosophy, we found an equation with a whole new outcome.

The result was a campaign that flipped the script by highlighting the value that empowered girls contribute to society. 

Introducing: The World Needs More Trafalgar Castle School Students


Our main objective was to engage families and prospective students in the Durham region of Ontario who were looking for a school where their daughter would flourish. Specifically, we aimed to drive inquiry form submissions, phone calls and applications from qualified leads on the Trafalgar Castle School website. 

Working closely with the team, we designed a targeting framework that identified the steps families take to make decisions regarding schools, and the different digital mediums they use along the way.


Trafalgar Castle School’s new, highly targeted campaign launched in Fall 2021. This dynamic platform helps the brand stand out in the crowd by featuring real students and showcasing the tangible difference a Trafalgar Castle School education provides. We look forward to updating this case study with data & results soon.

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