How We Helped a Luxury Brand Tell a New Love Story

Learn how Metric helped a distinguished luxury jewellery brand tell the story of their legacy - and the impact it has created in their customers’ real lives.

Founded in 1937, Independent Jewellers Limited (IJL) is a third-generation, family-owned jewellery store located in Winnipeg,Manitoba. In a marketplace that’s saturated with jewellery stores and brands - especially in the engagement and bridal space - it was essential for IJL to modify its brand positioning to stand out in the hearts and minds of its audience. This was the perfect opportunity for IJL to break away from the status quo that the industry had set and write their own love story.


IJL had been running a successful campaign with Metric for a few years. We needed to use the data and new research of our own to help the brand explore a new message and campaign platform - one that could only belong to IJL. At the same time, we needed to help them increase engagement and bridal leads, especially on online channels.


Our research showed that many brands in the luxury and jewellery industries speak about themselves from a distant position and lean on imagery from their suppliers - which can be used by multiple brands. With IJL’s rich history, we identified an opportunity to celebrate their customers’ love stories - and their own legacy - from a fresh point of view. IJL had a chance to do something that none of their competitors were doing: be genuine and real.

Helping Them Say Yes Since 1937

Using the message of IJL’s history, we chose to replace stock photography with real couples who have gotten engaged or married using IJL rings - from 1937 to today. These are the love stories that form IJL’s brand... and there are thousands of them.

This platform that depicts nearly a century of love stories also provides a way for us to speak about IJL’s quality, service, selection and warranty, while showcasing a wide range of diverse customers and reinforcing the message that you’ll find a perfect ring at IJL too.


Bringing this campaign to life meant finding IJL couples to highlight. Fortunately, there are many. We started a hashtag to begin collecting user generated content and partnered with IJL store managers and associates to find more. These images were collected and permissions were granted to feature a mix of couples each season through digital and traditional advertising.

In spring 2022, we took the idea of “Helping Them Say Yes” to a new level by literally helping a local couple with their proposal. We worked with Harry (the groom to be) and IJL to help plan a perfect proposal using IJL’s billboard space at Confusion Corner - and captured every moment on video. The proposal itself captured the hearts of Winnipeggers through organic social media posts and even some organic media buzz thanks to the prominent billboard message. Once the video hit the internet, it was viewed thousands of times in just one day or two. The video footage we captured is still providing effective digital advertising content today.


This campaign is still in-market, and we’ve been optimizing it seasonally.

Here are some highlights from the first six months:

  • 21% increase in new website visitors - driving a 34% growth in website revenue YoY
  • 41% increase in goal conversions on the website
  • 126% increase in product inquiries
  • 200% increase in revenue generated from paid digital advertising YoY
  • 250,000 video impressions
  • Proposal video has more than 17,000 views on YouTube

Metric Marketing has been working with IJL for over six years. In the past year, they helped us develop a brand new bridal campaign. The objective was to showcase real Winnipeg couples that purchased their bridal jewellery from IJL. The campaign helped grow the bridal jewellery category for IJL year-over-year.

- Jeremy Epp, IJL Co-Owner

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