How we Infused Fresh Air
into an Industrial
and Medical Gas Brand

Innovair Group supplies and distributes air and gas for commercial and healthcare use across Canada. Their medical air products enhance patients’ well-being, while their commercial automation and application-
based solutions improve industrial and manufacturing processes.

Medigas Manitoba — an arm of Innovair Group supplies oxygen and equipment to patients with respiratory disorders — came to us in early 2018 after government funding for Manitoba patients suffering from sleep apnea was discontinued. Initially, Medigas wanted a marketing partner who could help them shift from a B2B to a B2C approach.

When they looked more deeply at what they would need for an effective Medigas campaign, they discovered a greater mandate to evolve the entire Innovair brand, which lacked a distinct and recognizable overall identity. Innovair also had several dated websites that were difficult to manage, not mobile friendly, and had no tracking set up that would help them target their customers and manage their campaign. Even the various print brochures were visually inconsistent and lacked brand continuity. Key foundational elements needed to be developed first, before any marketing campaign.

The first phase was dedicated to assessing and evolving Innovair Group’s brand. We started out with research about their company, customers and competitors. Next, we developed a new identity (Brand Platform) and comprehensive Brand Guide detailing how and where to use their updated brand logos, colours, typography treatment and key brand messages. And, to ensure their online content and messaging would be clear, consistent and on brand, we also created a Social Media Guide. The brand rollout was the second phase, which was tightly organized and executed within the span of four months. We helped Innovair Group plan and create assets for their annual company-wide event, where the evolved brand would be unveiled to employees. For this “soft launch,” we helped develop the event’s agenda, gave a keynote about their brand, and provided banners, branded digital screens and event swag (pens, fleece jackets, gloves, etc.). We also premiered their brand video and snippets from 10 recruitment videos we’d co-produced with our partners at Handcraft Creative

The “hard launch” was four months later, where public-facing branding became visible — updated business stationery, appointment cards, internal and external signage, dealer decals, vehicle wraps, pylon sign messaging, email signatures and more. All of these were created and produced by Metric’s creative team and partner printers.

For the third and final phase of foundational development, we built a comprehensive new website and suite of brochures that connected and showcased all of Innovair Group’s products and applications under two business segments: Commercial (Innovair Industrial, Innovair Automation) and Healthcare (Innovair Medical, Medigas Manitoba). We set up analytics so we would be able to drive marketing traffic to the site, then measure and report on the campaigns.

Innovair Group is now positioned more clearly as a single, unified brand and overall solutions provider. We’ve also helped them increase their opportunities for cross-selling among segments that work in tandem, such as industrial and automation services, where previously customers weren’t aware that the other products or services had existed.

The evolved brand has generated excitement internally and increased staff morale and motivation as a result. Because the identity of Innovair Group—and its businesses—is now consistent and clear, employees experience a greater Sense of unity.

Online, Innovair’s business interests are now well integrated and presented clearly on a single website. User interactions are tracked on this new site, so marketing decisions will now be based on real user data. Google My Business is also properly set up to ensure each segment’s information is searchable, accurate and consistent. The mutual trust and integrity we’ve fostered in working together with Innovair Group has made it easy to develop and deploy on-brand marketing quickly and efficiently. We’ve become their go-to supplier and now act as their corporate marketing department. This works well for both sides — Metric understands Innovair’s brand and businesses intimately, while Innovair has a trusted partner who is on the outside, who can see clearly and create effective marketing for those who might not be familiar with the company. Our relationship with Innovair Group has set a leading example for client-agency marketing partnerships. 

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