How we helped an established contractor build their marketing framework

The Challenge

Keystone Contractors and Builders offer service in residential design and construction, eco-friendly and affordable heating systems, and overall project management. Because they are one of several home builders located in Brandon, Manitoba, Keystone needed a way to differentiate themselves. They also needed to connect their already well-established business segments without losing brand recognition. Those segments: Keystone Contractors & Builders, Keystone Geo Exchange, and Concept Development Plus.

The Approach

Metric needed to develop a new identity reflecting Keystone as the leading homebuilder that they are. The goal was to create a uniqueness without losing sight of the underlying brand identity.

Dropping the ‘Keystone’

We made the decision to condense the company name to kc&b and drop ‘Keystone’ from the wording, as it is already used in a number of existing local companies. Developing a unique name was important to help distinguish themselves and establish an original foundation to build their brand.

Regulating Brand Identity

To ensure that future brand work is regulated and consistent, we created a series of brand guidebooks including an assessment, strategy, identity and signature. Moving forward, kc&b has a detailed explanation of their brand and now knows how to incorporate it into different resources as detailed in the guidebooks.

The Results

We developed and implemented a new brand identity and promotional work that suitably reflects the kc&b business. They now have new marketing and brand enhancements-- including a new website and stationery.

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