How we helped Manitobans learn to drink responsibly

How We Helped Manitobans Learn to Drink Responsibly

The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) serves the public interest by regulating these industries. They approached Metric Marketing to help develop a campaign that would help educate Manitobans about responsible drinking - and share practical ways to monitor your own consumption.


We were tasked with creating a campaign that would help increase safety and reduce the misuse of alcohol. The message needed to be simple, practical, and non-judgmental. 

This campaign would be more important than ever because of changing alcohol consumption patterns and behaviour that developed over the course of 2020 - higher alcohol use and more isolated drinking due to pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, and people just generally trying to cope.

Our challenge was to promote these messages using different tips and visuals to increase rates of responsible behaviours in the province (measured through public surveys).

The campaign overall needed to fit under LGCA’s established “Know My Limits” banner that spans their regulated industries and is well known throughout the province.


The campaign ran across both traditional and digital platforms, targeted to our key campaign audiences. We used different platforms and channels to impact the different audiences we were targeting. Messages were tailored to audiences at different stages of awareness and familiarity among adults 18+ in Manitoba.

We ran the campaign on Google Display, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify - targeting different demographics on each, using online profiles as well as lookalike audiences. 

Traditional ads ran on billboards, transit shelters, buses, and digital displays.


The LGCA Low Risk Drinking Campaign ran from November 2020 to January 2021, and proved to be very effective. Here’s what we were able to determine through measurement of our digital campaign:

  • The campaign overall generated 10,928,904 impressions, which drove 28,248 clicks from various platforms including Google, Facebook, and Snapchat

  • We placed ads on high-rank domains, such as Global News (284,716 impressions) and The Weather Network (163,577 impressions)

  • We generated 20,110 unique visits to our landing page during the campaign period

  • Each visitor read an average of 2 pages per session, with an average of 35s time-on-page

  • There were 67 file downloads generated, such as the Alcohol Awareness for Women guide

  • There were 8,202 interactions with the Pour A Drink event on the landing page

Even after the visitors were finished with the landing page, many bounced out to relevant links such as the LGCA website, the Know My Limit page or LGCA Instagram

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