Learn how we used research and breakthrough creative to create a brand identity that reflects Oasis Leisure Centre’s position as a luxury market leader.

Since their founding in 2000, Oasis Leisure Centre (Oasis) has grown to be one of Manitoba’s most respected commercial and residential pool companies. Their experienced, knowledgeable staff meet the area’s growing service demands with confidence and integrity.



In 2020, Oasis desired a brand evolution to better reflect their position as a leader in the competitive high-end luxury pool and spa market. We needed to ensure the new brand identity retained some of the existing brand’s strengths, to leverage the equity Oasis has built over the past 20 years.


In order to determine where the Oasis brand should go, we first needed to learn where it’s been. Our process began with an in-depth brand assessment, including customer and competitor research, to understand who the stakeholders were, how they make decisions about pools and spas, and how they perceive and interact with the Oasis brand. 

This research enabled us to identify the audience and attributes of the Oasis Leisure Centre brand, and distill them into a brand platform that defines the Oasis value proposition, communication pillars and competitive advantage.


The platform was then brought to life through brand identity design. Our research revealed an opportunity to leverage an existing brand element—a palm tree—to encapsulate the Oasis promise of timeless quality and peace of mind.


Oasis Leisure Centre now has a clear understanding of who their audience is, how they make decisions and how to connect with them along the way. Their visual identity accurately and competitively reflects the company’s strengths and benefits, and their brand platform provides a toolkit for all future marketing. Our focus will be to roll out the brand through a campaign for the upcoming summer season.


“When we purchased Oasis Leisure Centre, we knew immediately that the company needed a much fresher and more modern look. Although recognizable, the previous logo was very busy and never translated well onto marketing materials and company swag. Metric Marketing took the time to speak with key employees and the ownership group to ensure they understood who we were and what Oasis was trying to accomplish. 

Once the interviews were done, Metric helped to develop our brand story which included our elevator story, value proposition, competitive advantage and communication pillars. They helped us understand who our customers are and what journey they take when deciding to purchase from Oasis.

While developing these, Metric presented us with a few new, updated logos. After some back and forth, they really nailed the final design. When presented with the final design, my partners and I knew we had a winner, which was a great feeling. Once we gave the go ahead, Metric then presented several colour options. After choosing the colour palette, we received our brand book. Our brand book included our brand platform which encapsulated who Oasis is and who our customers are; our visual identity, which provided rules for how our logo is presented; and design elements which provided examples of how our marketing materials should look.

During the rebrand, Metric was also working to help us update our website and develop a better ecommerce strategy. They made sure that we were positioning ourselves properly right out of the gate. From product pricing to ease of website navigation, Metric was there every step of the way. Our website is just about to launch and we are very excited for the opportunities it will bring.

Overall, our experience with Metric was second to none. By the time the rebrand project had wrapped up, our Metric representative knew as much about Oasis as we did. We will continue to use Metric to help with our overall marketing strategies.”

—Everett Greenwood - COO, Oasis Leisure Centre

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