How we helped an iconic furnishing manufacturer design a better user experience

Palliser is an international furnishing manufacturer that offers a mix of home seating products and custom upholstery. With six North American factories, more than 2,000 employees and over 70 years in the industry, they are one of the nation’s most trusted brands.

The company came to Metric in 2015 to help optimize their online performance. The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade and understanding consumer behaviour and developing a digital strategy that connects and converts is more important than ever.

We started by conducting an analytics audit to understand the traffic their online properties receive and the actions visitors take when they get there. This information allowed us to make data-driven decisions on user engagement and recommend site enhancements to increase desired behaviours.

Following our assessment, we worked with Palliser to align their business objectives with key performance indicators to effectively measure the success of their marketing initiatives. From there we defined their customer buyer journey, developed audience personas against these profiles, configured their analytics account to more accurately measure web traffic and conversions and created custom reporting dashboards based on these goals.

With conversion paths defined and performance baselines established, Palliser and Metric were able to engage in site enhancements informed by existing audience behaviour. These included conversion optimized design, content recommendations and a site replacement plan, to name a few.

Palliser’s in-house development team implemented our digital strategy and optimizations in early 2016. Year-over-year results speak for themselves. General goal completions have been steadily improving since the site change were implemented, including a 119 per cent increase in time spent on product pages, a 25 per cent increase in retailer contact form submissions and a 7 per cent increase in overall site conversions.

In real terms, these numbers show that more customers are visiting Palliser’s site, engaging with the content they want to see, customizing their purchase and reaching out to the right retailer to close their transaction.

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