How we Helped the Beverage Recycling Association Refresh its Marketing

The Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) is a non-profit recycling association committed to recovering 75% of the beverage containers sold in Manitoba. Their Recycle Everywhere program strives to educate Manitobans on beverage container recycling, ensuring accessibility regardless of where you work, live or play.

Recycle Everywhere partnered with Metric Marketing in 2017 to enhance their digital presence. While their website attracted a regular stream of new users every month, they lacked meaningful data to measure success and drive engagement. The purpose was to ensure desired user behaviours were established, tracked and evaluated on an ongoing basis. This gave us a platform for informed decision making based on Recycle Everywhere’s marketing efforts.

A Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) project was undertaken to evaluate the user experience and identify barriers toward conversion. Working within the existing design framework, we reimagined the site architecture and developed engaging copy with prominent calls to action. We not only revamped their web presence but created a more functional website to drive audience conversions.

By tracking which programs users were learning about, and the type of content they were engaging with, our digital marketing team implemented a complementary search campaign. Three months into the initiative, 88% of the users coming to the site were new in comparison to 2017, with our branding ad group bringing in 659 clicks out of 1,558 impressions - a 42% conversion rate.

With analytics baselines set and an enhanced website ready to welcome visitors, we launched three different marketing campaigns, encouraging people to recycle at work, home and on the go. Our first campaign targeted decisions makers in the manufacturing, office, and food & beverage industries. Through a series of digital ads in the winter of 2017, we were able to drive interested parties towards a Request a Bin page, where they were encouraged to add recycling infrastructure to their operations. The creative was optimized throughout the campaign period to showcase age, gender and industry specific content towards specific ad sets and converted 82 businesses over a three month period.

In the spring of 2018, Recycle Everywhere delivered recycling bins to homes in underperforming areas within Manitoba. To encourage adoption, a complementary digital campaign targeting specific geographic communities was launched. The awareness campaign was designed to stay in front of audience most likely to use the infrastructure and the ads were optimized to display more frequently against single-family homeowners. By A-B testing messaging and ad variants throughout the campaign, we were able to display the most popular ads sets most likely to drive click throughs against these regions. At the end of the campaign, creative displayed against specific these geo-targeted areas saw an increase in recovery rates, impressions and conversions.

Finally, in the summer of 2018, Recycle Everywhere launched a bin bag program that encourages participants to bring a branded, portable recycling bag with them while camping, spending time at the cottage or participating in summer activities where recycling access may be limited. Our goal was to get the ads in front of the right people, at the right time and drive them towards a landing page where visitors could learn more about bag availability and the benefits of recycling on the go.

By monitoring the interactions on our targeted ads, we were able to make informed decisions to optimize the ads that generated the more click-throughs and resonated most with our target audience. Our social ads brought in over 4,000 click-throughs to the landing page,  with 82% of visitors taking action on the landing page in a little over one month.

Our ongoing relationship with Recycle Everywhere continues to help the organization make metric-driven marketing decisions. While their broad-based awareness campaigns have been effective at increasing overall recycling rates in the province, our targeted creative against specific audience segments helps to measure and drive engagement levels throughout the customer journey.

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