Learn how Saskatchewan builder Zak’s Building Group marketed Simple Homes, a new product offering they created to meet a need in the self-contained small homes category.


Simple Homes is standalone, built-to-code housing that falls between a tiny home and a regular house. A new product in the Homes & Cottages division of Zak’s Building Group, Simple Homes were designed to meet market need for a more minimalist house and lifestyle.


No home builder in the Canadian prairies was promoting small standalone homes as a unique offering. Zak’s wanted to be the first to market with their new built-to-code, standalone, small house. They also needed to educate home buyers about the new product, brand and benefits.

“We wanted to combine the rising practice of home offices and work-from-home culture with the tranquility of nature. This campaign Metric created for us really speaks to the balance that people are trying to make in their everyday lives. They hit these ads out of the park.” 
– Chad Zacharias, VP of Construction Operations, Zak’s Building Group

The Strategy

To be able to effectively market Zak’s new Simple Homes brand, we first identified the target audiences and studied how Zak’s competitors positioned themselves in this market. We applied our research to the brand and campaign development that followed. 

We also created a new page on Zak’s website with useful content about Simple Homes. This is also where people would go when they clicked on the campaign ads we would build to increase awareness about the new brand.


Brand Development

Our research taught us everything we needed to know about Simple Homes to market them with integrity. Once we understood their market position, their target audiences and their key differentiators, we built a brand platform. This, along with a new logo and visual identity, evolved into a Simple Homes Brand Guide.


The “Dwell Well” awareness campaign targeted homebuyers who wanted to live more simply and affordably in a habitat of their choosing. Retargeting ads gave additional information on pricing and included a call-to-action to request a quote.

Website Landing Page

Users who clicked on digital or social awareness ads from the campaign were sent to a new, informative landing page to learn more about Simple Homes and contact Zak’s for more information or a quote.


Simple Homes now has its own unique logo, visual identity and brand messaging. A campaign was created to build awareness about the new brand and to generate leads for Simple Home building quotes. During the first half of 2021, the campaign produced the following results:

  • The Simple Homes campaign accounted for 28% of all traffic to the Homes & Cottages pages on (during the reporting period)

  • 2.01% conversion rate (high conversion rate for real estate)

  • 3:06 average duration on the Simple Homes campaign landing page, which shows strong user engagement

  • 4.53% CTR, higher than the industry standard of 3.71%

  • 42.39% bounce rate, lower than the industry standard of 55%

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