How we Helped a Custom Builder Raise Their Profile

Zak’s Building Group is a Saskatchewan-based, family-owned business that provides custom design-build construction for residential and commercial buildings. With a 20-year-old brand, Zak’s was well established and positioned in the marketplace. What proved difficult for Zak’s was communicating who they are and what they do efficiently and effectively over their four different subsidiaries; Zak’s Agriculture, Zak’s Homes & Cottages, Zak’s Commercial and Zak’s Home Hardware (a retail franchise of Home Hardware). Metric helped Zak’s harness their established brand power with the ultimate goal of fostering client loyalty and generating leads.

By completing a brand assessment, Zak’s determined who their audience was and how to position Zak’s in the marketplace relative to the competition. Metric tied together their brand and competitive advantage, creating a bold, consistent and recognizable brand that consumers can trust.

Highlighting one consistent message across their four marketing entities, “Under One Roof” told a story true to their audience. Zak’s was able to clearly communicate who they are and what they do best. By developing a stronger brand identity, architecture and positioning - Zak’s had a stage for their long-term sales and marketing initiatives.

Zak’s now needed a platform that communicated their messaging. They needed a better way to understand their customer's behaviour and a way to measure their marketing efforts. For this purpose, Metric built a measurement plan and website that worked to clearly communicate each of the Zak’s Building Group divisions to the consumer with the end goal of increasing audience conversions.

Metric mapped out conversion paths to identify the audience they’re attracting, the type of content users engaged with, the paths they travelled, the actions they took on the site and any barriers to conversion.

The new website enabled the Zak’s team to manage the entire customer journey from start to finish. By being able to create a customized user experience, the Zak’s team was able to generate meaningful and timely resources for their audience that foster increased conversion rates. With the brand foundations set and a website optimized for lead conversions, we set out to create campaigns for each line of business.

Metric created a lead generation campaign with one theme in mind - aspiration. “Leaders in your Field,” worked to highlight Zak’s competitive advantage, providing clients with a one-stop shop to find all they may need for their agricultural storage needs: quick quoting, fair pricing, excellent service, great communication and timely service. With images showcasing their product in market, Zak’s is positioned as the industry leaders that farmers aspire to work with. 

As the first campaign in market, “Leaders in your Field” established the look and feel for the remaining ads - a subconscious and visual lead for other ads a consumer may come across. This search campaign deemed the most successful with a cost-per-lead just over $20. Zak’s received 12 phone calls and 24 form submissions from this tactic in the first week alone.

The Zak’s Home & Cottages division focuses on custom built ready-to-move residential homes for cottages, acreages and farms. Metric created a lead campaign with the goal to increase “request for information” submissions and increase foot traffic to the physical locations.

Once an ad was clicked, we remarketed to the user following their entire journey to conversion. The display campaign converted at a high rate, with a cost per conversion of $190 for each call made. Based on the success of the work in terms of lead generation, this campaign paid for the entire Zak’s brand, website and digital work three times over.

In the first six months of the campaign, we have brought in over 17,700 new users, and our ads have been seen 3.79 million times. Our ads have directly attributed to 83 form submissions and over 66 phone calls.

Metric continues to work with Zak’s Building Group, driving leads to their website and promoting their brand to the Saskatchewan market. Metric is currently creating and bringing a renovation promotion to market driving foot traffic to store locations and funnelling online traffic to Home Hardware.

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