Establishing a Reputation through Brand Work

The Challenge

Nova Capital is a recently developed company that specializes in equipment leasing, business brokerage services, and corporate finance. Nova first approached Metric in the very beginning stages of business development, and had yet to even finalize a company name. Because the company is so young, the main challenge for Nova was to get their business into the market, and to do this they needed a marketing plan and a web presence.

One of Nova Capital’s biggest strengths is that there are several people involved with business and banking experience, however, the company itself needed to build an established reputation. This has been the first company that Metric has worked with from the beginning stages of development, proved to be an appealing challenge.

The Solution

Brand Architecture & Messaging

In order to fully develop an effective marketing plan and web presence, Nova Capital first needed an impressive messaging and identity component. This would ultimately serve as an aid to the web development project as well as other components in the later stages of their marketing plan. Metric worked with the key stakeholders within the new venture to structure guidelines for messaging of products and services. We defined various brand elements to be carried into identity artwork and ensure a cohesive look and feel with the defined messaging.


  • Financial


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging

When Nova Capital approached us, they offered three different products/services under three different Nova names:

1. Nova Financial Services - provides diversified financial solutions for all types of fixed assets
2. Nova Commercial - provides business brokerage services to entrepreneurs looking to acquire a new business or expand their existing business
3. Nova Capital - an investment and holding company, focused on acquiring profitable businesses and growing real estate holdings

We decided that this seemed rather complicated, and that a simplified brand architecture was necessary. Now, Nova Capital is the operating name, with three existing services: leasing, brokerage, and finance. We also defined their target audiences, positioning statement, value proposition, value description, brand promise, and key messages.

The Results

The brand identity and messaging is complete and a web project is currently in the works. By starting the website project with a messaging and identity component, it will ensure the site is built with conversion optimization for the total breadth of services as the primary goal.