How We Helped A Local Company Make A Splash With Their New Brand

Learn how we leveraged a challenged travel industry to promote at-home relaxation for a luxury pool and spa company. 

Since its founding in 2000, Oasis Leisure Centre (Oasis) has grown to be one of Manitoba’s most respected commercial and residential pool companies. Providing knowledgeable, experienced service to the growing needs of the area is their top priority. 


In 2020, the Oasis brand and visual identity had been newly defined and refreshed with a modern look & feel that communicates relaxation and status at a glance. To introduce this new brand to the Manitoba market, we needed to translate that work into a campaign concept that made waves. Then, we had to start with our target audience to define the type of campaign we would run.


In order to understand what our target audiences were looking for, we first had to understand what they were going through. In early- to mid-2022, the world was experiencing massive delays in airports across continents. Lost luggage, delayed flights, cancelled plans – these were issues felt by almost everyone who stepped foot in an airport that summer. 

We knew that many people choose between going on family vacations or building a pool in their backyard–and we saw an incredible opportunity when we asked the question: 

What if they could build their own resorts at home? 

We needed to let people know that with an Oasis pool or hot tub at home, they could avoid that hellish vacation experience–because when you’re trapped in an airport or a sketchy hotel,  the only place you want to be is home. The idea of having a backyard oasis that is full of guaranteed relaxation had literally never been more appealing.


Earlier this year, we arranged a photoshoot of Oasis pools around Winnipeg to feature in the campaign. To give potential customers an idea of what their future resort might look like, we wanted to show real pools that Oasis had built. The photos, taken from an aerial perspective, are visually striking and provide an excellent backdrop for our copy. The copy itself, written from the bottom of the pool, integrates with the water, giving the image a luxurious feel and look. Together, an ad campaign that is sure to turn a head–or stop a scroll. 

We created organic videos for social media that were taken at the airport and showed the real-life situation there with hundreds of suitcases without owners–reminding potential customers that by staying home, they would have all their belongings and still get to relax in a resort-like environment. 

In addition to digital placements, we decided to play into the travel nightmare by placing the ads at the baggage terminal in Winnipeg’s Richardson International Airport. That way, someone looking for their lost luggage could be reminded that it didn’t have to be this way if they had just stayed home. All this was complemented with traditional outdoor billboards as well.


This campaign launched in July 2022 and is still in market. We promise to update you on the results soon!


“Overall, our experience with Metric was second to none. By the time the project had wrapped up, our Metric representative knew as much about Oasis as we did. We will continue to use Metric to help with our overall marketing strategies.” —Everett Greenwood - COO, Oasis Leisure Centre

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