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Companies and organizations who come to us for brand development have varying needs. One company might have an emerging brand but no visual identity beyond a logo and maybe a colour or two. Another, more established company might be expanding and want to organize multiple brands under a single, consistent corporate umbrella.

Establish Yourself 

Does your company lack a clear identity that you can easily communicate to others? Does your enterprise include several companies you hope to bring together, defined by one core approach and set of values? Are you looking to expand your brand to include a new product or service category? Whatever type of organization you have, there are many options for developing and expressing your brand more clearly so you’ll stand out in the market.

Unique positioning is at the core of a strong and lasting brand. When you are able to show who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you different from everyone else, others will remember you, even if your products or services change over time. Here’s how we approach brand development.

Brand Development Process

Our process is grounded in research and surveys that help determine core positioning, which lays the foundation for all marketing materials and campaigns that follow.

Brand Assessment

We conduct primary and secondary research through surveys, interviews and the internet to learn about and articulate key elements of your company, customers and competitors.

Brand Platform

Next, we fine tune brand elements such as your elevator story, competitive advantage, value proposition and other messaging that helps define and express your organization’s identity. 

Visual Identity

We also look at your logo, brand colours and fonts and other visual elements. If needed, we can provide a refresh or a complete redesign of your visual identity.

Brand Guide

Finally, we build your Brand Guide, a tool that you’ll use as a reference moving forward to ensure your visual identity, messaging and marketing materials are consistent.

Getting Started

The best way to start building your brand is to find an experienced marketing partner who can help you understand your market position using real data, not best guesses. Going through a brand development process gives you not only a clear sense of your organizational identity but also an invaluable point of reference—your Brand Guide—to inform all future marketing. 

If you sense that your customers don’t really understand what you do, you may have a brand problem. We have a solution for you.

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